Ridding Evils

They looked around and gazed out at what they saw: corruption, senselessness, despair, lunacy, famine, and death. The world, no longer incredibly saturated with righteousness and prosperity, now lay barren as a desolate grave shrouded in grey. All life had completely vanished. Bodies were all simply mindless roamers and incurable.

The human race had fallen from its place atop the global hierarchy of Earth. No creatures rose to take their place; no creations of civilization could carry on the human legacy. The humans drained all of their plentiful resources in an attempt at an era of equality, and it failed incredibly. There were no wars waged, no weapons created for such a fate to be bestowed upon the humans. All that they had built simply came crumbling down and the energy of malice had given them the power to achieve such internal discord and destruction.

Trapped in the chains of such negativity, the humans were no match for its power; they succumbed to a plague which destroyed their minds and spread to their very souls. One by one, they fell into mindlessness. One by one, they fell into hopelessness. One by one, they ceased being humans.

They took in all of the remnants of a destroyed world, the last few of them, the last few specks of humanity. They discussed amongst themselves the options that lay before them. They understood that a new world would eventually rise and replace the wasteland Earth now was. They knew how to keep humans a part of that new world which would rise but they hesitated.

In that moment of hesitation, they realized they could not continue on. They simply had to submit to the inescapable situation and fade into the despair of the world itself. For they knew, even with all of their fragments of the glory days still remaining with them, that they had to cease.

It was not because they were without hope but because they were with knowledge indefinitely. They knew the cessation was the sensible answer; the root of the problem which caused the decline lied within the human genome. It was inescapable as long as humans remained and the same evil force would rise again with humans and again cause decline; it would forever keep the world in an inescapable loop of death, famine, destruction, lunacy, corruption and senselessness.

To break the loop, humans would need to disappear. To save the world around them, humans would need to remain left behind with the current era of decline. A way needed to be paved for the hope of a better species, one that would outrank the humans and prevent the spread of evil forces.

They took up their mission, and with it set out to eradicate their species. One by one, the humans vanished from the land, and once only the few were left, they waited. They waited for the first signs of a hopeful future to arise.


The land was now youthful again as it had been in its prime. The traces of humans were fully decimated and a new species had risen up to take their place. They were a species that solved the problems that the humans could not fix. They were better than the humans, in every way. The evil forces ceased. And a new group had risen to take gander upon the land.

The few of the previous era, had destroyed themselves in the wake of a new hope. They had left everything for the new to uphold and disappeared. Without need of a world of humans, they removed their history from eternity’s book, never to be seen again. They fulfilled their last promises to themselves—to rid the world of an evil that only humans could create.

6 thoughts on “Ridding Evils

  1. Some realty to this has more and more people with mental health problems are becoming a norm, and those same mentally ill people have off-spring that inherit mental illness and so fourth. There will indeed be a decline in human intelligent which will cause a decline and perhaps will no longer able to manage the world’s resources well…….

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    1. Possibly yes. Maybe the mentally ill will cause decline. Maybe not. But decline will be inevitable at some point as all things rise and fall.
      But call this story an interpretation of a possible future. Hopefully we will not arrive at such a time soon.


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