Back To The Grind…

Hi there Wonderful Listeners!

Well, I might say it’s been a lazy weekend. Yes indeed. Still, the laziness is unfortunately coming to an end. Why? Well, school is starting back up.

While the holiday break was wonderful and I got to sit around and be lazy and enjoy being lazy, I must now return to increasing my knowledge for an expensive cost. I am somewhat excited to be going back to school on tomorrow but I must once again recondition myself to getting up early and being prompt and things of that nature. It’s going to be a lot of work but I’m sure it’ll be worth it.

In the past, school has thrown me some curveballs but I always manage to get by. So whatever my come my way this semester, I know I can handle it. After all, I am not alone in my struggle to make it to May. My roommates and friends will be right there with me. If I fall, I can count on them to pick me up! And when I need a little extra love, I know you, the Wonderful Listeners, will be there to help me along. (You guys will be there for me, right?)

I gotta say that I am a pretty lucky fella. I surely am.

Meanwhile, I need to start preparing myself to be in school. I need to tally up my budget and figure out how to make my tiny bit of money stretch for four months. I need to do laundry and prep my backpack. I need to get back into a good sleep schedule. There’s a lot I need to do…

In the midst of doing all of this, it is highly likely that my posting will become irregular. Sorry about that. :/ But you know that I am always going to let you know! I sure do. Most of my stuff will probably be done in advance as far as I can so that I won’t be worrying. This is just one thing I need to worry about when running a blog.

Yep. And since I will be back in school, I think at some point I will share my first batch of photography with you. Yeah… To be honest, I’ve had the photos for a while but I did not have the resources to fully present them as they should. Well, that will change soon and as a result, I will leave with you something spectacular (or I hope you will think the same anyway.)

Well, let me not waste any more time. I’ve got a lot of stuff to do in a short amount of time. I’ll let you guys go and enjoy the rest of your day/night!

Until the next time, cheers!

Are you starting school again? If so, what are you taking? Do you make time for preparations? Leave all your thoughts below!


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