Call Me Again Sometime!

Hi Wonderful Listeners.

I’m coming to you to tell you about a small little happening that happened during the middle of December last year in 2015. Well, as a way of keeping you with something to read, I figured why not tell you a story I didn’t get around to. Sometimes things slip past your memory to blog about or something more interesting happens. That’s life. OK. Let me get to the story.

Well, I received a call from a teacher, turned acquaintance, that I had in high school. His name is Hershall and I had him for Physics and my goodness he was an amazing teacher! He stayed in my memory because I saw him as a human and a person rather than just an object to receive knowledge from. He wasn’t less than human like some teachers can seem. He was way more and I seemed to connect with him.

Well, now I am graduated from high school and in college; he is living on the West Coast of the United States with his wife and kids, with his newly received law degree. I am genuinely happy for him because I remember that he wanted to pursue law (he told me while I was his student.) I told him that he should go for it and not let anything hold him back. I told him to have no regrets. Now regret is not a possibility.

Oh, but let me get to the phone call. So he called me like a week before Christmas. We planned on having a conversation so I was expecting his call. To be honest, it was a little awkward to be reconnecting to a past instructor (because that’s what he mostly is in my memory.) But I tried to adult about the situation to just enjoy reconnecting with him and playing catch-up. It was a healthy conversation really.

He asked me some general questions like what I was up to and what I had plans for. I told him that I’m running a blog and pursuing college education. I told him that I’m a dream-chaser (and he remembered that inside joke from high school.)

Then I wanted to know the same. He told me he’s practicing law in the real estate area, spending more time with his kids and wife, and enjoying life more. He’s got a nice life ahead of him from what I heard.

I learned quite a bit through that phone call, even though it was only 20 minutes. We swapped stories and we tried to find ground on which we both stood; after all, it’s a bit hard to relate to someone whom you don’t spend much time around and have a huge age difference. He’s roughly 20+ years older than me so it’s a big stretch. Although, I will most certainly try to keep in contact with him.

You know, he invited me to come visit him if I was ever in his area. I wonder what that says about our relationship. I believe that he enjoys having me around or having a relationship with me. That makes sense, otherwise, why would he be so nice to someone whom he could’ve ignored and may never see again? I choose to believe he’s earnest in his sincerity; he’s always had an honest vibe by my standard.

I suppose I could say that our conversation didn’t really amount to much but it was enjoyable. Truly. I don’t regret that phone call and I’m sure he doesn’t either. Nowadays, I stay in touch with him via Facebook. He’s a good guy, really.

Thinking about the situation as a whole, I’d say that I’m lucky. I mean, how many students stay in good contact with their teachers? I mean, I haven’t seen Hershall for over 5 years. Yet, we still talk and look forward to talking with one another. That says something. (I wonder what that says about me?)

Well, that’s the very sloppy story of a simple phone call. I’m not sure if you got anything out of that but that was fun to tell you about. Hopefully you enjoyed the story.

Well, as always, until next time, cheers!

Do you still keep in contact with an old teacher? Leave all your thoughts below!


9 thoughts on “Call Me Again Sometime!

  1. I am going to venture to say that your advice helped to propel him forward to pursue his career and lead a more fulfilling life. He probably never forgot what you said to him and was phoning as a way to say ‘thank you’. How’s that for being a positive influence?


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