As A Teenager…

Hi Wonderful Listeners.

So, I was going through my old writings, musings if you will, the other day. Sometimes I do this just because I like to reflect on my progress as a person. And man, let me tell you, I have come a long way.

Most of my musings that I was looking at were from high school, when children grow into adolescents, teenagers as most people would say. I think I was a pretty odd teenager. Just looking at what I’ve written and how I’ve written it and what I said just amazes me. I had no problems hitting on some tough stuff (or at least tough for me.) I had no problem being me and being vulnerable. It’s crazy.

Let’s just quickly look at something back from my junior year when I was 16.

“To the person who I am responding to, I say that I disagree with your ideals about life and the people who experience it. You have said to me, ‘I find that being nice in life gets you nowhere. It fucks you over and the reason you disagree is because you haven’t experienced life.’ Well criticizer, I again disagree with you.

Just because a person is nice in life does not mean that they haven’t experienced life. I myself have experienced life and I still am experiencing it as I respond to your statement. I can’t say that life is just happiness and smiles however it is not complete misery and deceit either. I cannot compare myself to you and say that I have experienced what you’ve experience, the morbid side of life but what I can say is that you have not experienced life. Neither of us has experienced life because neither of us has seen what life can completely offer.

To respond to your statement, I say that being nice in life is a beneficial factor in getting you places and gaining mutual relationships (as well as whole-hearted and friendly ones.) Of course, there are moments in life where one must exercise strict discipline, ideals, and even stubborn attitudes to overcome a situation so I am not saying that what you said was “completely” wrong but that what you said is a one-sided statement. One should think with a leveled head however because humans are individual creatures and each one of us specializes ourselves, no human will always completely agree with another […] We both are still young as far as scientific statements go and that means we are growing, maturing, learning (although not at the same rate) so we must overcome our ignorance, arrogances and conceited traits in order to obtain the balance that life offers.”

What’s funny now that I think about it, is that this was my best friend I was responding to. She has definitely changed and has leveled out a bit nowadays compared to when this was written. Crazy what time will do.

I am personally surprised by my own demeanor. Granted, I was there because I said it but it still surprises me where my thought process was at the time. It’s actually kinda impressive.

This only gets furthered when I look at some of my personal quotes too! (Yes, I did have quotes which I wrote down for later use. That was the person I was.) Just take a look at a few.

Perspective. That will change the outcome of anything and can be even more powerful than the decisions of fate.

I have no idea how old I was when I said this but I was in high school. I think I might’ve been 15. This is something quite profound for a 15 year old to be saying. Wouldn’t you agree?

But what about this next one?

For those filled with hearts of fire, do not direct that fire at an enemy, for it shall kill them because it will not be tamed. Rather douse the fire with water. Let that fire die for should it continue to burn, it will eventually scar the person it is burning inside.

I remember what made me say this (or think it rather.) I was 15 and my parents had an argument that shook the house. My little sister was afraid with all of the yelling going on and she was crying. I remember hugging her and just telling her that everything will be alright.

Still, regardless of that situation, this is still rather profound. It’s just a fancy way of saying that one should learn self-control. The next one is quite stark.

Intelligence is not concrete, it is flexible. It is also not a full representation of one’s character although it does give way to someone’s mindset. It allows one to learn from something and rise above his ignorance. It allows one to traverse through intense and confusing situations and can even help one to understand those around him and himself.

This came about from an argument I had over Facebook. (Yeah, real mature. I know. Trust me, I didn’t want to get into it but it happened.) A proud US marine took the liberty of slandering my name and taking what I said out of context. I simply defended myself and was quite professional about. I’m still annoyed to this day that this argument even occurred.

Oh, and the last quote.

Find the friends that accept you for you because you’ll never doubt yourself in your ability to be who you are.

I was a senior leaving high school when I said this. At this point, I realized this first hand and tried to teach someone this lesson. But I think this quote still stands.

This material was the only stuff I transferred to the computer. Most of my thoughts that I recorded otherwise were recorded as poetry. It was the best way for me to get my thoughts together. While I didn’t have a journal, I did believe in writing down my thoughts. It just wasn’t in a traditional way.

I think that many things have changed; yet, a lot has stayed the same. I think I’m still the same deep thinker I was years ago. I think I’m not so naive and stuck-up (possibly?) anymore.

What do you guys make of my musings as a teenager? Do you notice any stark differences compared to how I was then to how I am now? I’d love to know!

Otherwise, I’m going to go ahead and close out this post. So, until, next time, cheers!


What were you like as a teenager? Do you still have some material from that time in your life? If so, what do you think of it now? Leave all your thoughts below!


16 thoughts on “As A Teenager…

      1. I like the rawness of your angst ridden memoirs! And also how, you,
        as a teen were level-headed. I now somehow wish I would’ve been smart enough to write down my musings at 16 (something which would have been exciting to read two years later). Very thoughtful. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I see. Yes, well, I’ve been a writer from a very young age and I couldn’t help but log away lots of my thoughts at that age. It was nice to go back and read some of that stuff though and I’m glad you found enjoyment in it as well.
          Thanks for reading!


  1. Love this post! You were such a wise young man-growing wiser as you age. I’ve enjoyed getting into your head!
    When we were cleaning out either our house or my parents, years ago, I found a booklet from high school. I had a few poems published. I wish I had them now.

    Liked by 1 person

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