Go Check Out The Last Broken Home!

Hi there Wonderful Listeners! 😀

Oh my goodness! You will not believe what I came across recently. Another wonderful blog! (Maybe that’s not a surprise…) It’s called The Last Broken Home and it is just wonderful. I’m so dead serious.

This website has the goal of trying to promote individuals to becoming their best selves while helping them to recognize that they are who they are because of their families. I think that’s a wonderful thing! But what’s so great about this website is that the author, Adam, is so down-to-earth that it almost hurts. Everything is quite relatable and I’m always left to marinate on the thoughts produced from reading the content. It’s that good. 🙂 I’m sure I sound crazy but I promise you this stuff is good! Seriously!

I haven’t been this excited to share another person’s work in quite some time truth be told. I would’ve share this earlier but I’m trying to stick to my schedule that I put in place. (If you’re wondering about this “schedule” you can click here.) But I’ll leave this link here for you to go check out the post that moved me so much. It’s about parents and how they affect their children.

I’m also dying to know what you think about the site so please go visit and let me know! But with that being said, I don’t wanna hold you up from going to enjoy the goodness that he has to offer! Please go check him out!

With that being said, I’m going to go now. (I’m still shaking with excitement!) Until next time, cheers!


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