Thoughts From The 26th Of February (2016)

Hi Wonderful Listeners!

Yesterday, a lot happened. I had to wake up early (which I normally get to sleep in on Fridays) to make sure my errands were completed. I think I got quite a lot done yesterday to be honest! But maybe I should just run you through how my day went 🙂 Continue reading

There Was a Rampant Raging in the Sky

There was rampant raging in the sky
As the clouds viscously twirled
And furled about; harmonious.
They bickered back and forth
Like children, like humans;
They stood tattered in scraps.

There came a light spewing gently from the clouds.
It warmed my back and the sky.
It soothed the bickering;
It fell gracefully and dramatically.
The light casted my pale shadow
Onto the nothingness. 

The winds picked up. I was cold.
I shivered and sniffled.