Why Take The Roundabout Way?

Hi Wonderful Listeners.

I have a genuine question to ask. It’s nothing hard to understand but I seriously just want to know.

Why must authors use complex language that can (moreover) convolute the material in which the reader is reading? Do they do this just to make the process of reading challenging? Simply attempting to understand words and phrases which you are unfamiliar with and putting them together to create some type of meaning is hard enough as is.

I suppose maybe the authors do it to showcase their advanced vernacular. After all, if you’re going to write something that is to grab the attention of many people, complex words are one way to succeed.

I find that many people (myself included) are intrigued by literature with complex words. Often times, we assume that because the author is using such advanced vocabulary that whatever is being written about is complex as well. But this is not the case as many works of literature are unnecessarily complicated. We’ve all experienced situations where someone explains something to us and we need to ask them to re-explain it in the laymen’s terms for us. That is to say our final thoughts are, “You said all of that just to really say this?”

What is the deal? I don’t understand. I do know that on one hand, it enhances your own vocabulary because it forces you to expand it by using context clues and looking up definitions to understand the material. But the overall idea is to get someone to understand your overall message. It’s much harder to do that when someone has to process everything that they’re reading.

I’m not really complaining, I’m just simply stating that some terminology is just purposelessly complex. Unless the material that you’re writing about is complex by nature, there’s really no need to use complicated words all the time. After all, the business world, for example, likes to keep everything easy to understand. That goes for normal folk too.

I would much rather be spending my time dissecting a heavy topic than to have to think critically about simple things for no good reason. Trust me, it’s not that I can’t dissect complex stuff, but I just prefer to not waste brainpower needlessly.

But that’s my little rant on convoluted literature. I’m getting off of my soap box now. Until the next time, cheers!

What is your stance on this topic? Leave your thoughts below!


11 thoughts on “Why Take The Roundabout Way?

  1. I understand completely. I get that way when I read medical journals. There is a point to the terminology, but I often think the authors become so caught up in their own vocabulary that I lose interest in reading them! There are appropriate times for it, but the whole thing shouldn’t be so convoluted that I lose interest.

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  2. I know. I tried to use a lot of complex words in my blog post and it made me seem like a wannabe nerd fanatic. But reading unusual words from time to time can be refreshing because….. I don’t know…. it gives it some posh-y writing style. But too much of it is annoying.

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    1. I hear you Mon. Seriously, I’ve been the wannabe nerd fanatic a few times XD But running into new words can be refreshing. But I agree, doing it all the time is annoying (for me anyway.) Thanks for stopping by Pinecone! πŸ˜€

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