How (Not) To Ride A Bus

Hey there Wonderful Listeners!

Oh do I have a story to tell you about! Like, this could not wait any longer. I had to come and tell this story before it left my mind forever.

Ok, so something rather interesting happened about two nights ago. I was on my way home from school, taking the night bus (because I’m a hard worker. Sorta.) When I normally get on the bus I sit in an open space by the window (hoping no one will sit by me so I can put my bag in the seat next to me), headphones in. This doesn’t necessarily mean that I have music playing; my headphones are just habitually in.

The reason for this is because I sometimes like to listen to the ambiance of the bus. Sometimes it’s annoying and I just put some music on, simultaneously gazing out of the window contemplating my life. When it’s not, I listen for the entire bus ride. Of course, no one knows that I’m listening to conversations, tire screeches, horns, trains (if one happens to cross out path), and whirring mechanisms. It’s such an easy way to eavesdrop; I’m a nosy person after all.

Anyway (excuse the tangent), this night I had my headphones in but had no music playing. Really for the entire bus ride, there was nothing exciting to report except for maybe some idle and anxious just habitually in. e will sit by me so I can put my bag in the chatter behind me. This guy was talking with someone about bus stops and where which stops are (I assume he was unsure of how the bus worked. Possibly it was his first time.) Where the story kicks off is just before I reached my stop.

What happened was that some girl in the front requested for her stop (which is always the upcoming stop) but the bus had already passed her stop. So she begins to converse with the driver (who was really nice might I just say) about how she needs to stop the bus so she can get off. The driver kindly honors her request and makes a special stop for her about a block away at a stop sign. It wasn’t far, probably only a four minute walk. She does forewarn the girl as the bus is coming to a halt that she needs to request for her stop before it is reached for future reference.

Then the bus stops. She, as well as a whole bunch of others, get up and walk off the bus. This includes the guy who was asking about bus stops that I mentioned before. Apparently, not only the girl needed to get off at that particular stop.

What gets me is as the doors are closing, all of the now pedestrians (including the girl) begin to badmouth the driver. They made comments like, “This is bullshit,” “I couldn’t see out of the windows” and “I shouldn’t have to walk a block back to my stop.” They assumed no one could hear them or maybe they just didn’t care. I don’t know. Then the bus resumed it route and I made my way home.

Now what I want to focus on quickly is the treachery that was their behaviors. I am honestly in shock that these individuals would exude such crude behavior. It was, in my opinion, unjustified. Let me tell you why.

Firstly, if it was your first time riding the bus then you should inquire about how the bus works, whether from the driver or people around you. It is in your own best interest to do this because no one will know that you’re a first-timer unless you make it known.

Secondly, while the windows were hard to see out of because of the overhead lights, the bus never changes its route. The stops are the same, and it takes the same path every time unless the situation calls for an alternative.

Third, if you are aware that your stop is coming up next, don’t assume the driver will stop at your stop. The driver is not obligated to stop at that stop unless someone signals (in advance mind you) for it or there are people already waiting at that stop. They are just running the route because that’s their job.

Fourth, this driver was nice enough to honor your sudden request even when she had no obligation to. The driver could’ve said that the girl was out of luck and kept on her route but she didn’t. She stopped for you, the one single person, so that you could get home.

Fifth and most important, how dare these people say the things that they did! Seriously! After someone does something considerate like that and your first reaction is to talk shit about them? How fucking dare you. And for those people that didn’t say a word when the girl was talking to the driver, none of you have any right to badmouth. What if that girl didn’t ask for the bus to stop? Would you have just went the whole gambit again or gotten off at the next stop and walked back?

Excuse my profanity but I had to say how I felt. I can only imagine how this driver must be feeling. After all, if I heard it through some headphones, not sitting by the door, I know she heard those remarks. Hopefully, she just brushed them off.

I don’t think I am overreacting to this situation. Granted, I’ve only been riding the bus for two years but when I first started out, I didn’t ask anybody anything. I figured it out just from how other people acted. They always signaled in advanced and had their bags ready to go. They (sometimes) said “thank you” on the way out the door to the driver. They always knew which stops came next so they didn’t think about when to signal because it would just be natural to them. I think these actions are reasonable bus etiquette.

But that’s all for this post. Sorry it was so long and drawn out but I just had to say everything. You know how I can be. What do you guys think of this whole situation? Let me know in the comments below!

Well, as always, until next time, cheers!


Have you ridden the bus before? What was your experience like? Have you made a mistake regarding bus etiquette? Do you think I was overreacting? Leave all your thoughts below!

6 thoughts on “How (Not) To Ride A Bus

  1. Horrid manners 😦 I really dislike how people seem to think everything is their right, that others should bend backwards for them. Yet they themselves show no thanks for it.

    I personally dislike using public transport, especially buses, and if i cannot drive i will walk where ever i can. I used to walk for miles when i was at university due to my reluctance to get a bus. I don’t know about the USA, but in the UK we have electronic bells all over the buses, so if you are coming up to your stop you press the button to forewarn the driver you wish to stop.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Joey!! 🙂 Good to hear from ya.
      Yeah in the US we have a buzzer or lever we can pull to signal. But I don’t like public transport either.
      Since I’m in university now, I walk everywhere I can. Less trouble to deal with. And people forget to show manners! It’s annoying! 😡
      But thanks for commenting 🙂 It’s really appreciated.
      I miss your posts! Trying to catch up on lots or blogs…


      1. I thought you did, I had an image in the back of my mind of a bus with a buzzer on. In which case there is no reason to miss your stop and be ungrateful towards the driver!

        I also find walking is far better for people watching 😉

        Liked by 1 person

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