The Warrior Child Deserves An Award!

Hi there Wonderful Listeners!

Well, things are certainly taking a different route this time around for an award post. While I had no obligations to make a post about this, I’m going to anyway because I felt it was the thing to do in my heart.

Recently, I was awarded with Warrior Child Award.

I had never heard of this award before so I went ahead and looked it up. And I found a wonderful surprise waiting for me. 🙂

There is actually a nice little history behind this award. In fact, I love this award especially because it is so unique. Nothing like the Liebster award (which I am grateful to have bestowed upon me so don’t get the wrong idea.)

This award comes from the community of the Mental Health Writer’s Guild, which is an amazing community I should add! And it’s actually an award that is much like an award given out in the world of entertainment. You just give it to someone who really deserves it, no strings attached.

I was honestly excited that I didn’t have to do anything for this award. No questions, no nominations, no nothing! That’s a relief when it feels like you’ve been accepting awards left and right. (I’m not flaunting, it just feels like a lot of work to fully accept an award!)

But anyway, the award is nice just because of how it came to be. Generated out of love and empathy, it is bestowed upon those who show the resilience of a warrior and yet the gentleness of a child. And it is not handed out lightly. In fact, only the members of the guild may hand out this award so you have to be extra special to receive it!

That makes this award so amazing. When you receive it, you genuinely, God-givingly, deserve it. And how can one say no to such an award? How can one group this award with every other? They can’t. I can’t. That’s why I’m recognizing this beautiful award. That’s why it deserves a post for itself! I proudly accept this award, as a badge of honor!

I can say that I am a warrior, and a child all at the same time. All wrapped up in one beautiful package. And you know what? This is the first award that I feel something strong with. I feel an emotional connection to it. So I am incredibly grateful to have this award!

I hope more awards like this are out there in the blogging community. I hope I run into them. Let an award mean something more! I’m not down-playing awards but awards are less exciting when everyone has the same one… That’s just my opinion.

Now, allow me to close out this short and sweet post by thanking Memee for choosing me to receive it. Seriously, thank you so much! You had many choices but you chose me and that says something! Thank you.

Well, if you’re looking for more information on the award, click on the links above. Otherwise, the child in me is going to close out this post now. Until next time, cheers!

13 thoughts on “The Warrior Child Deserves An Award!

  1. I love that you loved it! I didn’t get a notification that you wrote this post (although it looks like you linked me) so I’m glad I saw it because your enthusiasm came shining right through and doubly warmed my heart. I had no doubt that I would nominate you for this award when I became a member of the Mental Health Writers Guild because the explanation for it described everything about you and about how I feel about you being a part of my world.

    I feel blessed.

    Your friend,


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      1. You are very special. I think this world needs a whole lot more people who are strong and confidant and content in their uniqueness! I find you very inspiring, at your age especially, to be such a whole person. Ya ain’t perfect, nobody is, but that IS perfection in and of itself. If you ask me God knew what he was doing when he made our DNA (and everything else too but that’s off topic, HA!)

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        1. Oh I agree! Thank you. You flatter me! You know, I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks that imperfection is perfection… Yeah but let’s not go too far now! XD Love ya!


  2. Hi Carlos,

    My name – if you haven’t already guessed from my blogger name is Kevin and I have the honour of running the Mental Health Writers Guild you mentioned.

    I just wanted to drop you a short note/comment. Firstly to thank you for mentioning us and for lin king back to us and to the award but secondly and more importantly for the wonderful and sincere thoughts and feelings you mentioned concerning receiving the award.

    What you probably don’t know, is that most of the thoughts and feelings you have expressed in receiving the award are exactly the same as those behind my creating this award. To simply create an award that could be given out of love and with no expectation or reciprocation expected or required.

    Quite simply to recognize and to value someone for who they are and for their ability to show both their strength and their vulnerabilities. Your words – and the fact that the desire behind the creation of this award has been communicated through your receiving it – blesses me greatly.

    So thank you. And I can certainly see why Memee chose you to receive it.

    Kind regards and God bless you.


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    1. Kevin,
      Thank you so kindly for reaching out to me! You are leading a fantastic guild. I cannot express how honored I am that the leader would contact me to express his regards.
      I most certainly feel that way about awards and so I felt the need to express it.
      Again, thanks so much. Have a blessed day as well!


    1. Thhis all sounds like great stuff, John. Will you answer quetoisns and write about vehicle issues besides European vehicles? Our oldest son is starting to think about getting his first vehicle and I’d love to ask you some questions about it.


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