Have A Nice Read! #1

Hi there Wonderful Listeners!

It’s Friday. That means the blog-o-sphere community is on my mind. And speaking of community, I have some posts to share with you!

I’ve been reading a lot more recently and so I keep running across lots of good blogging material. So much in fact that I considered grouping them all together in one post rather than just reblogging them. Trust me, I would like to reblog them individually but I also have to make room for other possibilities on Friday. The new schedule is indeed giving me some consistency but when everything community related is packed into one day, it can be hectic sometimes.

But let me not waste time. I’m sure you’re dying to start reading these posts but I want to tell you my thoughts on them just a bit. Here I go!

  1. One Of Those Bosses Who Loved To Drive One Crazy…personal
    • So this one was really funny and but it struck a nerve! I know I’ve had bosses that seem like the devil incarnate. Well, maybe not that bad but they sure have driven me crazy! Just thinking about the situation described makes we shake! Go on, check it out!
  2. It is better to be decisive than to be right
    • Well, sometimes it is the better thing to do! This is a short one but I love it. While I had some tiny disagreements, the overall message is a positive one. I think you’ll like it! 😉
  3. Pressing Pause on Video Games
    • I tell ya, sometimes you just gotta say no. Sometimes you just grow beyond them. Sometimes you just need a break. Whatever the case, this is so heartfelt and so relatable for my generation! If nothing else, it’s really funny too! XD
  4. Please Correct Me If I Am Wrong But I Beg To Disagree!…a little rant
    • Now this post right here… Well! I 100% agree! It’s in regards to blogging as an act (and possibly a business?) But you know, while advice from successful individuals is great, it is not always right. Check it out!
  5. Home
    1. Now this post also struck a nerve. Why? Well, what it talks about I think is happening all the time. And it’s awful because everyone who does it is so nonchalant. Please! Cut that childishness out. And home, as it has been said, is where the heart is. A short read but wonderfully touching. 🙂


But those are all the posts I have for you this time! I do hope you enjoyed the goodies! 😀 Well then, I do hope you have a wonderful day/night and happy reading! Until the next time, cheers!

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