The Versatile Deserve Awards!

Hi there Wonderful Listeners!

Well, it seems yet another award has been bestowed upon me. You know, the more awards I receive (especially in the short time span that I have) the more I wonder what I’ve done to receive them? You know, like the whole “why chose me” thing?

The-Versatile-Blogger-AwardRegardless, maybe that will be revealed in time! For now, I humbly accept this wonderful Versatile Blogger Award. Thank you Emma for giving me this award. You didn’t have to but you did so thank you!

Now, real quick, if you don’t already know this, Emma has got it going on! She has wonderful life-coaching advice and all sorts of other things! Her blog is inspiring to read. She’s really good at making you feel good about life no matter where you are. Please, go check her out! You won’t be sorry!

OK. Let’s get to the rules!


The Rules:

  1. Thank the person that has nominated you & include a link to their blog.
  2. Nominate at least 15 blogs of your choice.
  3. Link your nominees and let them know of your nomination.
  4. Share seven different facts about yourself.

The Seven Facts

  1. I hate chitterlings. Or “chitlins” as I’m used to hearing them be called. Absolutely disgusting!
  2. I prefer tea over coffee.
  3. I love crime stories. Something about the drama of solving a case is enticing!
  4. I love to dance! ❤
  5. It’s incredibly difficult for me to listen to audiobooks. I’d rather read it myself.
  6. I have a dog named Sasha. She’s a Shih Tzu! 🙂
  7. I’m allergic to mountain cedar. It’s the worst!

Now, what about those nominees? Hmm?



  1. Paardje
  2. Writings By Ender
  3. Oneta, from Sweet aroma
  4. Ramona Crisstea
  5. The Daily Atholian
  6. True_George
  7. Carol J Forrester
  8. Sandy, from Scribbles & Musings Of an Introvert
  9. Kelly, from honestme363
  10. steelcityman
  11. Daniel Abram
  12. Catherine, from Disarmed by Love
  13. beingwoke
  15. Be Like Water

Look at them! Just look at how versatile my choices are 🙂 Well, that’ll do it!

Until the next time, cheers!


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