You’ve Been Voted Off The Island…

What’s up Wonderful Listeners!

Lately, something a bit heart wrenching has been on my mind. It’s not nibbling at my tranquility because it’s a savage beast but more so because I’m considerate owner. Sometimes, sharing your mental space with an over-zealous being can be beneficial. Sometimes not. I’m not sure where this one fits.

What I am talking about is the current situation with my roommates. As some of you might know, I’m in college right now and currently rooming with some pretty awesome dudes. One of them is one of my close friends from high school (I’m gonna call him “PJ” for easy storytelling), and the other two are people I met through my close friend. Go figure. 🙂

Now out of the two people that I recently met (well, not so recent anymore), one of them is loads of fun in my kind of taste (I’ll refer to him as “AD”); the other is fun in a different way (let’s call him “GC”). However, we are now at a point in time where GC is moving out. 😦 How did it come to this? Well, I suppose I should go back to the beginning.


When I first moved out of the dormitories on my university campus (because my college requires that freshman use the dorms for housing), I needed a place of living for my sophomore year. Well, PJ wanted to continue to live with me outside of our time together in the dorms. I wanted to continue to live with him too, mainly because he would be a trusted source of relational security in a new place (and because I couldn’t find any other people or places really 😛 )

So it was quickly decided that we would continue living together. Hooray for friendship! 😀 Anyway, we (or rather PJ) quickly found a place that was inexpensive, quality, and was reasonably close to campus. We decided on that place because everywhere else was WAY too expensive for our budget. Now we just needed to find people who wouldn’t mind living without craziness.

Well, PJ also found those two individuals that were compatible for us. (That boy is on top of things when it really counts!) That’s where GC and AD come in. I met AD in person before we moved in together and I already like his personality. (Now that I live with him, he’s even cooler to be around! Props buddy! 🙂 ) GC on the other hand, I had to wait until move-in day to actually meet him but PJ promised that we would be compatible (and he was right.)

Well, all was well in the house for the first year of living together. I had no problems with anyone in the house and neither did anyone else (or so I thought.) So after my sophomore year ended, my junior year began. We all renewed our lease for our apartment so I expected it to be smooth as it was before the semester ended in May. Well, we come back in the fall and that’s what’s happening. No problems.

As time passed however, it became clear to me, that PJ and AD were not happy living with GC anymore (unbeknownst to GC of course.) They blatantly told me actually. Eventually, it came to a point where they had decided that they were going to part ways with GC and not each other. In my case, I was not willing to part ways with PJ (why would I after all at this point?) and I was extremely fond of AD at this point. So now it became a situation where it was 3-on-1. And, for the three of us, it became quite a conundrum to figure out how to handle.

We realized that we had inform GC before the first half of my junior year (which I’m still in) ended; if we did that, he would have ample time to find a new place to live after our lease ended. While that was very considerate and both PJ and AD had their reasons for not wanting to live with GC anymore, the underlying issue was that they had no problem voicing how they felt to GC. Me, well, I didn’t want to be involved in the situation at all.

13 thoughts on “You’ve Been Voted Off The Island…

  1. I guess it was for the best, there wouldn’t be an harmony if roommates are at odds.It is one of things I hate with living with roomies.If there is a problem you’ll be the last to know. Don’t despair GC will be all right just make sure the other two don’t turn on you.

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    1. Yeah. GC will be fine alright. And I don’t think the others will turn on me. Especially since they know I know particular information about their lives. It wouldn’t be in their favor to turn on me. I can switch from being sweet to sour real quick. But I hope it doesn’t come to that.
      Thanks for stopping by George! 🙂 Love hearing your thoughts.

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  2. I think you did the right thing, you had no qualms one way or the other therefore why jump in. Also giving GC plenty of time to find another place was the right thing to do. I’m sensing you may not feel totally comfortable with asking GC to move out since you are writing about it. If that is the case, what is it that’s bothering you, do you feel you were unfair to GC by asking him to move out? Whatever the reason is, just be true to yourself about it and if you feel it necessary to say something to GC that would make you feel better than do so. In a few years from now this won’t be important as long as you handled GC with respect, all is well! 🙂

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    1. Yes. All is well actually. GC and I yalked privately after this happening. I told him my full thoughts and he understood that I really never wanted to get involved. So we are on very good terms, now more than before. That’s why I’m gonna miss having him in the house.
      Thank you for reading Deb! 🙂

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  3. Awww … poor GC, to be voted out of the casa. I think what matters is how the message was delivered. But yes my initial reaction would be to exclude myself from the situation 🙂

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  4. I’m just like you, a peacemaker — don’t involve me in any conflict, please. Someone has to be doing me oh so wrong before I feel the need to say something to them. I prefer to give things time to work themselves out. However… I’m no doormat either.

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  5. You always take me back to my college days….oh so long ago. But guess what, things were like that then and with me as with you. Strange, but we were girls. And we only had three. But never the less, it was uncomfortable and sad. It seemed so much of my life I was the one in the middle and played the role of peace maker a lot. I never worried about my integrity but now I wonder if others wondered about it. I guess all you can do is just do the best you can at the time and make the best possible decision. But always try to end up shaking everyone’s hands. For us girls, we hugged….

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