Kickbacks And A Promising Future

Hey there Wonderful Listeners.

Over the weekend, I went to a nice kickback (a small get-together with people you know.) I had so much fun that I was rather impressed with myself. Truly, it made me wonder how lucky I am to know the people that I do.

I’m not gonna draw out the story of this kickback but I will give you the highlights of it. This kickback (and I’ve gone to a similar one before with the same people) was held at a friend’s house. It wasn’t as eventful as the previous one that we all went to but it certainly wasn’t boring.

We did the usual things, like bring alcohol, play beer pong (and two people in particular killed it!), danced, sang songs terribly 😛 Just a bunch of friends having a really good time together. Honestly, with how long I’ve known this niche and the things we’ve been through together, I can say that we are friends.

Let me elaborate. This particular niche, this group of friends, they are all people that I met in my photography classes. We all have managed to end up in the same classes all together and so we have bonded quite a bit. We’ve been through long hours together in the darkroom, slaving over our work, and helping each other grow. It’s a very wonderful relationship. I’m blessed to know these guys, my friends.

Now, back to the kickback. Well, we did all that stuff and man, I just felt like I belonged there. No one was rude to me (in a serious way 😛 ) and people just liked having me around. No one was bothered by who I was; they accepted me as being in their group. I think we all are happy that we are friends.

And this makes me think: is this what it’s like making friends for life in college? Is this what I always kept being told about? Am I experiencing it right now? If indeed this is what it’s like, then I am so happy to be here at school (no matter how stressed I get); I’m so glad to have had this experience.

Like, these guys have my back just as much as I have theirs. And we just love helping each other and pushing each other to do better. We like everyone’s personality. We like being around each other just to be around each other. It’s just… well, I think it’s a matter of mutual respect, and (possibly) love for friends. And it’s such a beautiful thing. I swear!

Getting back to the kickback details. After our festivities, we took some time to just tell stories about our lives, our experiences, and sometimes our secrets. It’s like, crazy, when I think about it. We’ve only known everyone for about half a year. Yet, we are already this close and feel like we can trust each other. It’s kinda crazy to me. But I don’t want it to change; it’s not a bad thing to me.

Our stories and lives are so colorful. We know how to have fun. We really do. And I can just be myself around them and it makes me feel so good inside. Nothing is hidden. I can be free and they are fine with me.

Maybe that’s why I look forward to finishing the program with them. We are all photographers. We all have this passion and want to be carried forward by it. And I don’t think I could’ve gotten stuck with a better group of people to experience this with. I’m already lucky enough to be learning from some incredible teachers, but to also get some awesome colleagues who turn into friends? That’s clearly a blessing. It has to be. And I want to see where we go from here. Our nights spent laughing, hugging, drinking, and playing; to our days working and growing as artists. I look forward to it all.

Sorry. I’m pretty sure I got super sidetracked right there but I did say I would only give you the highlights. So let’s recap: I show up, party, dance, tell stories, eat food, etc. Then we go home. But the kickback was so much fun. Funny enough, I was debating on whether I should go or not because I didn’t feel like doing anything that night. Needless to say, I’m so glad I decided to go! These guys are always fun.

And while I was incredibly tired after the kickback, staying up until 3 am was not a problem because I enjoyed every moment of it. Plus, I didn’t know how much I needed to just chill out until I got to this kickback. I’ve been so stressed with assignments and staying on top of my work that I forget to take care of myself sometimes. Y’know? This tiny little reminder just tells me to take it easy sometimes so I can recharge. And I feel recharged! 🙂

But, I think that’s all I’m gonna say about that. Seriously, I love these friends. I don’t have many college friends but these ones make up for that fact tenfold. No doubt. Ah! It’s so awesome to just have people around you who understand and support you. It’s so nice to just be living life with less worry. These guys allow me to do that. Thank God for them. 😀

I’m gonna go now. Hope you enjoyed that little tidbit of my thoughts. Marinate on them if you like.

Well, until the next time, cheers!

Do you keep in touch with college friends? If you’ve finished college, are some of the friends you made in college life-long? Who helps you unwind?

4 thoughts on “Kickbacks And A Promising Future

  1. I have one life long friend since I was three. We are still close. One friend from high school still and although we are separated by a vast amount of space and time, we can always pick up in the middle of nowhere and talk for hours. The rest of my friends are fairly new. Glad you were able to take a break. It sounds like you are refreshed 😊

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