10 Reasons To Hate Buses

‘Sup Wonderful Listeners!

I just want to quickly get this off of my chest. It’s not deep at all but there a few things that annoy me about public transportation (specifically the bus.) So if you will let me, I’m going to list 10 things that annoy me about the bus and the people who ride them.


10 Peeving Things About Buses

  1. People who don’t want to move back or out of the way so that others can get on the bus.

    • Like, uh, there’s still room behind you! Just because you want to get off the bus right away when your stop is reached, don’t mean you can just ignore the fact that there’s still room to allow others to get where they need to go.
  2. People who badmouth under their breath as if the person can’t hear them.

    • The bus ain’t that big. Seriously. It don’t take a brain surgeon to put two-and-two together. We can tell when you’re talking about us.
  3. People who give you a disgusted look when you ask them to scoot over or to get by so you can sit down.

    • Sir/Madam, there’s only so many seats on this and I happen to be lucky enough to sit in one of them. Will it really be the death of you to just let me sit in that seat next to you? We don’t even have to talk or anything. No need for all that attitude. I just wanna sit. THAT’S ALL!
  4. Buses that smell.

    • This one is minor but it still bothers me ever so slightly. I understand that many things can enter onto a bus and carry a smell with it. I get that. But maybe if you could just leave some Febreeze clips in the A/C unit, that would be great.
  5. Buses that take routes with sharp turns.

    • 😯 Like, um, you scarin’ me with how close you are to that tree/curb/car/whatever-the-heck. Can’t you just take it slow so we don’t almost flip with this sharp turn?
  6. Buses with rude drivers.

    • Like, you’re here to serve the people. Can’t you be nice to them too? Seriously. We see each other pretty often so can we be nice? Oh! And can you please not be an ass and just drive off when you clearly see me flagging you down and I’m not even 7 feet away? That’d be great. FOR REAL!
  7. People that don’t let those with tons of baggage or an injury sit down in a seat.

    • Now this right here, is rude central. You got working legs and you’re fine, so can’t you let the person who already has it tough take it easy? Damn. I get it. Moving after sitting down is a pain but it’s not the end of the world. Whereas if the person on crutches is standing, trying to hold their crutches, and hold on to the handlebar, they just might collapse if the bus has to stop suddenly. Don’t be that guy. MOVE.
  8. People that look at you with contempt if you don’t move your things out of the seat next to you because they want to sit there, when there are plenty of other seats to choose from.

    • I’ll probably move my stuff if you want to sit right next to me if you ask. Sure, I’m nice like that. But when you give me that shady look, uh… *gives them the hand* no. I ain’t gonna do nothing for you. Sorry ‘bout it! Keep it moving.
  9. Buses that don’t arrive at the time they’re supposed to, and so you’re late to wherever you have to go.

    • Accidents happen. Traffic gets backed up. The weather can be awful for driving. It happens. I get it. But when I’ve checked the traffic reports and there have been no accidents to halt traffic and the weather is just fine, there should be no reason you’re late. It’s even more aggravating when you’re like 15 minutes late. JUST, NO.
  10. Buses that don’t allow you to eat or drink on them.

    • Really? What if I don’t have time to sit down and eat in some eatery area? What if this is my own time to eat? Or even simpler, why can’t I drink this drink? I’m not gonna spill it. I’ll be careful with my food. I’m not just gonna toss it on other people. I paid good money/took my time to make this food! Let me indulge it in. ALRIGHT?

But that’s my little rant about buses. Sometimes they can really suck. But they are convenient and many people are dependent on them. So, we just gotta bite the bullet and do what we gotta do. Oh well. Hopefully you found that entertaining. I also hope you can relate.

Well, until next time, cheers!


Do you like the bus? What annoys you about public transportation? Leave all your thoughts below!

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