Have A Nice Read! #2

Hi Wonderful Listeners!

Well, it’s Friday again. So, I have for you another round of wonderful posts to be reading about! Yes, these are some goodies! 🙂

You know, I absolutely love it when the blogging community just throws some good stuff my way! Then it gives me a chance to share it with all of you! Oh, so let me not get sidetracked. Here we go!

  1. Tell Me When
    • I love it when I find poems that just make me…feel. 🙂 This one is about childhood? Or maybe it’s about lovers? It’s more so up to your interpretation. I just wanted to say I love this poem!
  2. Bucket Lists Are Overated
    • You know, the message behind this post is actually a positive one I think. Buckets lists can be a good thing but maybe they’re not the best thing. Or, at least, they’re not promoting the best line of thinking…
  3. Guest Post: Robbie Freece, A Bar in Missoula, Montana
    1. This story was so interesting to read! It seems to be told in a slice of life style but it has a moral (I believe.) Honestly, it’s just a good read! 🙂 Just be forewarned that it’ll leave you wanting more!
  4. Demons’s Harp
    • While this post made me a bit sad, it only reaffirmed why culture is so important to preserve. Seriously. The world is so unique with all of its cultures, peoples, and lifestyles! Why let them be suffocated?
  5. Beyond Being Helped!
    • I am so familiar with the feeling described in this post! It hurts how much I sympathize, empathize really. What makes this great is that it captures the feeling in words and articulates them so well! One of my new faves! 🙂

Well, there you have it! Some nice reads for you to digest. You’re welcome 🙂 Well, until next time, cheers!

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