Thoughts From The 26th Of February (2016)

Hi Wonderful Listeners!

Yesterday, a lot happened. I had to wake up early (which I normally get to sleep in on Fridays) to make sure my errands were completed. I think I got quite a lot done yesterday to be honest! But maybe I should just run you through how my day went 🙂

So I started off by meeting with a candidate for the gallery director position in the Art and Design program. I had volunteered my time in advance to help out a professor of mine whom I’m currently taking. Jennifer is a wonderful teacher, conversationalist, and she knows a lot about contemporary art. She’s actually making me understand it a lot better than I did before! I was quite apathetic towards it but now I can appreciate it.

Anyway, I met with Kate, the candidate, at 10:30 am and of course I was punctual. While I am late when it concerns people I am extremely close to, when it comes to strangers I just cannot stand being late; so I arrive early instead.

I’d have to say that Kate was wonderful. She’s a strong candidate for the position I would say. She really valued my opinion and all of the information I could give her. She made me comfortable (except for her constant nodding as if she was sarcastically implying she didn’t care, even though she did.) Our meeting was only thirty minutes but it was a wonderful one. I’m thinking about volunteering my time again for something like this!

I would say I pulled a lot of information out of the conversation. It made me realize just how much I actually know about my school and program. Apparently, I know a lot. Plus, if she is able to implement the suggestions I made for our program, I would owe her big time. I didn’t get to ask her the questions I wanted to ask but, I can only play the cards I’m dealt right?

After that meeting ended, I went to go start something just as important: my position as being a lab monitor for my university’s Art and Design department. I took up this volunteer job mostly because I wanted 24-hour access to the building and services whenever I wanted. Seriously, that’s like the heavens parting to make way for me! Can’t pass that up now can I?

I won’t say that these privileges are the only reason that I took the job. That’s not the case. By working this position, I’m also putting myself into a position of learning! There are many things I don’t know about fixing things, especially when it comes to technology. As a lab monitor, I don’t necessarily need to know how to take, let’s say, a computer apart and put it back together; rather, I just need to know how to troubleshoot. I can do that now! It’s actually very easy 🙂

It’s also great because I can know how to fix problems myself and I become less dependent on someone else. That’s sort of my style anyway 😉

I’m really going to be using these resources to my advantage a lot. Doing what I want, when I want to and not having to think about time management and other things just take a load of pressure off. I’m excited about my duties. Plus, I work on the slowest days of the week so I just get to sit at a desk for the most part and work on my own stuff. Pretty neat! Then after I got done with my shift (which is five hours in case you were wondering), I went to go workout and then work on my project for class.

I’ve had a very busy day and I think I’ll have an even busier one today! I still have lots of things to take care of! There’s a lot left for me to do so I’m pretty busy all of the time! Gotta keep moving forward! 😉

Well, that’s the recap of my day. I hope that was delightful for you to read. Thanks for reading by the way! 😀 And as always, until next time, cheers!

Have you volunteered your time for something? If so, what? How were those experiences for you? When was the last time you felt like you had a busy day? Leave all your thoughts below!


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