Showtime: My First Art Gallery Exhibit!

Why HELLO THERE Wonderful Listeners!

It’s been quite a long time it feels like since I’ve been able to sit down and just chat with you guys over tea (or coffee if you prefer)! Seriously, did you bring your beverage of choice with you? I hope so because I have a feeling I’m going to ramble today! Anyway, let me just get right to this story shall I? Continue reading

As Two Lovers Collide

At what odds will they be,
The two parts, opposing forces?
What happens when two hearts entwine,
Separated by distinct overlapping courses?
Be they in ecstasy? At qualms with each other?
Do the charms of love dust their eyes?
Or does the unmixable mixture fail
And create reversed fortunes in the skies?
The tension is palpable, fragile.
What will happen as two lovers collide?
Eruption, destruction, calamity; it seems
That the two forces by an “ex”, divide.
This is to show incompatibility
Since the lovers, their force separates.
Their history, their untimely past,
Their unified path now dissipates.