Let The Break Commence!

What’s going on Wonderful Listeners!

Freedom has never tasted so sweet! Freedom from what you may ask? Freedom from school obviously! 😛 Now, I’m not really free from it so to say but I finally get to take a well needed break! Yay! 😀

With midterms just ending, my body can recuperate from all of the late nights/all-nighters, quick meals and mental burnouts. Seriously, I thought I was going to fall apart like a ragged rickshaw of some kind. But I made it!

If I may, allow me to just provide you with some insight about my struggle. I’m just gonna give a summary mostly but hopefully you get the picture.

So I had 4 projects to turn it for this week—three on Tuesday and one yesterday. Out of all of these projects, two of them gave me such a headache that it would register a 7.0 on the Richter scale! One of these projects was for my Metals I studio class.

Now I have to tell you a bit about my Metals class. I love it! I love my professor and my classmates. But the work that it takes to produce metalwork is astronomical. I truly underestimated how much time all of the planning, testing, finalizing, and waiting actually takes. Most of the nights I spent staying until midnight at my school were because of this class.

I am a diligent worker but I seriously discovered something about myself while finishing the project I was working on. I am pretty patient for the most part. Granted, I wanted to quit, and throw my project against a wall, but I didn’t. 🙂 Thank goodness!

The other project, was for a class called Expanded Media I. I also am in L-O-V-E with this class but this most recent project drove me up the wall too! Mostly because I underestimated all of the time I would actually need. Plus, in this class (and the aforementioned) I am learning things I’ve never known about before.

Plus, I wanted to spend a little more time with my Expanded project because it’s a truly personal work. Right down the core (and to be honest, it makes me uncomfortable thinking about it.) But I managed to finish that too. 😛

The other two projects, I finished the last weekend so I could concentrate on the hardest ones. Those were my photo projects which were easy for the most part. I’m pretty inclined on that side of art! 😉

And let me tell you, I don’t know how I managed to function during critiques on Tuesday. I was running on 4 hours of sleep. I don’t know how I did it to be honest. :/

I’m just excited I made it through all of my art critiques (and their infuriating processes), along with keeping up my social life. That’s a big challenge in case you didn’t know.

Now, what I have left to think about is what I’m going to do with my Spring Break. Of course, I’ve just gotten some news that I don’t have to monitor for the photo labs over the break, which means I totally have the break to myself and my devices! Life just keeps getting sweeter I tell ya!

Although, I cannot be blinded by all of this positivity and optimism. I still have much work that needs to get done before I can fully relax into my break. Lots of it. Of course, if I dedicated a day to it and just knock out my errands one after the other, I can finish quickly.

What I’m probably most excited about is the fact that I finally can be reintegrated back into the blog-o-sphere. 😀 You know, I’ve been absent really. I don’t mean that I’ve stopped posting material or anything like that (well, except for last week) but that I haven’t been active in the community of it. I haven’t really been reading as I do enjoy doing. I have time to do that again!

So, if you’ve missed me in your comment section, I will be making my way back into it real soon! 😉 Just keep doing what you do and I’ll catch up. Promise!

Let’s see. What else is there for me to talk about? Oh! I guess, I’ll be updating you over the break about all of the things I do/did. That should be fun! Maybe I’ll even plan some things out for the month of April? Who knows! It will all come to pass very soon.

But with ALL OF THAT being said, I’m gonna go now. Can’t wait to be back in full swing come this weekend! Hope you guys enjoy yourselves!

Until next time, cheers!

Did you just finish your midterms? Are you still taking them? How stressful has this week been for you? Leave all of your thoughts below!



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