Photography101: Places, Spaces and Feelings

Hello Wonderful Listeners!

This week marked the start of Photography101 as hosted by Blogging University. I must say, it feels rather nice to be back in class once again. Still, I do feel like I have a slight advantage over my peers.

As someone who studies this subject, I have lots of knowledge about it! But, that won’t stop me from having fun with this class. Rather than using these prompts to become a more technically inclined photographer, I’m using it to experiment with different things. Experiments are always good! 😀

Now, allow me to share these images with you. I do hope you’ll enjoy them!

Monday’s Prompt: Home


The question was posed: What does home look like or mean to you?

  • Well, home to me is not necessarily a place. I do consider specific locations “home” but sometimes those locations aren’t “home” at certain times. However, people always seem like home to me (I’m talking about close loved ones.) My close friends and family make me feel at home. I feel warm and loved and at peace.  The house above is not necessarily luxurious but it’s clearly unique and it feels like it belongs to a person and their mark is all over it. You can tell there’s history there. In the case of locations, this picture does feel like a home. It even embodies what I feel like home is as stated before. Don’t you agree?

Tuesday’s Prompt: Streets & Establishing Shots


The statement was made: To capture your street snapshot, wander around your own neighborhood — or explore someplace new!

  • Well, I most definitely wandered around my neighborhood! This is the street I live on actually and I love walking down it from time to time. Even though it’s ridden with apartments, it’s still very inviting. And you know, for a street snapshot, it looks pretty nice! Wide angles for the win!

Wednesday’s Prompt: Water & Orientation


The questions were asked: How will you interpret this theme? How can you tell a story with water?

  • Well, I took a picture of water. Plain and simple. Or is it? Water, for some reason, feels like it always has more to say than just what you see at first glance. Look at the photo above. Do you just see water or is there some other presence there? Perhaps you see something in its diluted reflection. Whatever the case, this water, to me, feels magical and alluring. What do you think?

Thursday’s Prompt: Bliss & Captions

Sproutlings growing out of an old tree, bathing in the sun.

The statement was made: Publish an image that represents bliss to you. There was also an additional challenge made to give this photo a caption.

  • I have always felt that the sunshine was connected to happiness. Even though that changes depending on the circumstances, for the most part my happiness is connected to the sun. It has some power that I can’t explain but I can feel it. Even past myself, those leaves look so sublime. It’s almost like perfection in a picture. What makes me feel this way? Is it the colors, the light? I can only wonder.

Friday’s Prompt: Solitude & The “Rule of Thirds”


The question was asked: How can you interpret the state of being alone, or a lonely and uninhabited place?

  • Loneliness is a strange thing. It can be seen as a singular existence but also as isolation. In the case of the photo above, it is both. Still, there’s something about this depicted solitude that doesn’t seem sad necessarily. It’s almost like this dandelion is content with being alone; it’s a state of balance.

The Weekend Prompt: Experiment with Composition

We were asked to continue working on all that we learned this week. We were also asked to upload a media gallery of multiple images.

  • In this case, I think I’ve got some good compositions here! What do you think? Let me know in the comments below why don’t ya?

Well, that’s it for week one! I did it guys! My work is finally circulating in the world 😀 That actually makes me nervous and excited at the same time. 😯 Hope you guys enjoyed those images!

Until next Saturday, cheers! 😉

Week 2 –>


27 thoughts on “Photography101: Places, Spaces and Feelings

  1. I love ‘HOME.’ I think it was definitely the right choice to show so much of the front yard and surrounding yard, it lends a deeper personality to the property. It is an excellent photo. So much so I suggest uploading it to so the character of the house might be used to create character and ambiance to someone’s story.

    The street you live on was beautifully composed and the wide angle lens the perfect choice. I obviously have no idea what that street looks like in true life but it feels peaceful yet thriving like it would be in a college town.

    Bliss… the sun feels exactly the same way to me. When I moved to CA in October I had no idea my moods and energy would be so positively impacted by the sunshine. It is like I have discovered the fountain of youth. I feel compelled to go outside and live my life and the imaginings that everything is possible, like when I was young, thrives again. It is very thrilling! The image you created is spectacular, but I think you know that.

    The dandalion: I imagine there were others you could have chosen, this one however, with the one little seedling standing apart from the others really adds more to the statement of solitude, your choice of making it b&w was dead on… great meta response!

    I love your colors on the tree leaves. I don’t know trees or plants but it is great. You really have a natural talent for knowing what direction to take your pictures in.

    I think you could have done a better job on the house with the cables, maybe if you’d been a bit more to the left (wire side) so that the angles of the cables ran a bit truer diagonal or another step backward? I’m not sure what it is. But something is missing. I recommend going back and continue shooting it, get to know it, become that house’s best friend. And then the answer may reveal itself!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. What a critique! Amazing feedback there. Aside from the praise and uplifting, I agree with your statement. Now that house with the cables, that one is up for debate. It feels formally composed and appreciated for it’s lines and colors but that’s about it. Sometimes you just want to look and enjoy looking.
      Thank you very much Memee for the feedback. Always encouraged.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I felt inspired afterward and walked around my neighborhood taking pictures of flowers. Being new to to area and strapped to my computer for schoolwork I haven’t gotten out much. Photography is supposed to make me go explore places. Baby steps. First the neighborhood, then the world!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Dang, I’ve got to learn to follow and pay attention to BU. I just bought a camera a month ago… this would have been awesome! I guess maybe, if I think of it and plan for it I can follow your photography journey and copy cat!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yep! I usually leave enough of the material prompts, tips, etc. behind for others to copycat!
      And please keep in mind that this is my thing. I do this as a livelihood, taking photos. So, I may be a bit advanced.
      But I am curious as to your thoughts on my work. Would you mind telling me? 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Love love love the photos Carlos! Let me answer some of your questions. I feel the same way about the house, it is unique and definitely has their mark in it. For some reason I see children running all around there, laughing. When I saw the water, I felt as if there was a presence looking over it too. And the dandelion is beautiful!

    Liked by 1 person

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