De-Weeding Dunbar Gardens!

Hello Wonderful Listeners!

I hope you are all having a wonderful Monday. I know my Monday was absolutely pleasing! 🙂 You see, I went and volunteered my time to the community today! How exciting!

Now let me just go on and tell you what went down (I’m sure you’re dying to know!) My university has program that allows students to volunteer over the Spring Break, which I made use of. Normally, I don’t really get many opportunities to volunteer so I jumped at this one.

My day started with me getting up around 7:20 AM so that I could eat, get dressed and walk to campus by 8:30 AM. Trust me, that walk was not the funnest but I’m so used to it at this point that it doesn’t phase me. Regardless, I made it there on time (which is what I was most worried about.)

I went to campus because I needed to carpool to the volunteer site! To be honest, since it wasn’t that far from campus, I could’ve walked their myself but then I wouldn’t have met Nicole, the lovely lady who organized these opportunities!

Let me start by saying that she, much like me, is a chatterbox. I respect that. We had only met for the first time today and the connection we made was actually enjoyable! Truly, if I had met her somewhere else and we had the chance to talk, I’m sure we would’ve gotten along just as easily.

Funny thing actually. We left from campus at 8:30 AM and got to the meeting spot at like 8:35 and we had to wait. The service didn’t start until 9:00 AM so she really overestimated how long the drive would take. I mean, that didn’t bother me. It gave me more time to relax before going to work!

At about 8:50 AM the other volunteers, Zack, Mark and Allison, showed up. Then David, one of the supervisors of the volunteer site, showed up. He was such a nice old man. Seriously, he just had a warm spirit about him. He actually ended up driving us to the site, which was like two blocks over from where everyone met up.

Dunbar Gardens. This site is used to supply the food bank in town actaully!  It’s nice and homey really, if you were to ask me.

Well, we got there and got to work right away. Well, not right away. Before we did, we met Jim, the other supervisor.

That’s Jim in the center. He was a nice guy too. David, unfortunately, is the one who got cut off on the far left. Zack and Mark are chilling on the right-hand side. Mark is on the the farthest right side. Zack is in the grey shirt and khaki pants. These guys were a trip!

He was nice enough to get us some breakfast! Kolaches, donuts and coffee; free food is the best food! 😉 I pretty much just munched on the kolaches and dounts. I’m not a coffee person.

The breakfast table. Honestly, just a bunch of stuff ended up on this table. But either way, I needed that food!

Anyway, after chowing down a bit, we all got to work! Our job was to wrangle with some weeds and uproot them. This was nothing new to me because I’m very experienced with weeds. I swear they were just put on this earth to annoy humans (although they do more than just annoy us.)

I had never really been in a big garden. I actually liked looking at all the different vegetables. They’re all unique. But we had to pull the weeds out of the patches in the far back by the fence!

After getting to work, Zack and Mark went off to move rocks somewhere. Allison and I got to work pulling the weeds. She was inexperienced with this kind of thing so I got to ramble about my expertise and to teach her. That was nice. Aside, from that, we did actually talk with each other quite a bit about ourselves.


Our conversation was quite general to be honest—who are you, how did you choose your major, what are your hobbies, etc. By the time we did finish our conversation, we had finished the first patch. Moving all of the weeds and dumping them wasn’t the funnest part of this experience.

By this time, Zack and Mark had finished moving their rocks. They got started on another patch separate from us. Divide and conqueor was the idea here. After all, we only had a total of three hours to get all of this work done!

While it’s not my proudest work, we got it done. Well, at least one of them at this point. You should’ve seen the atrocity that was here before we showed up!
We still had this bad boy to de-weed. By the way, we were already an hour and a half in. That’s Allison to the left by the way. She made it much easier to power through this work.
Oh, and I can’t forget this one too! Still only an hour and a half left to finish it all!

During this whole time, my arms were on fire. Seriously, I am somewhat allergic to weeds and certain plants so my arms hated me! Plus, since we were in a garden, I had to watch out for plenty of garden snakes, bugs and critters. But, I pushed through it all. Thank goodness for that bottled water we were offered!

On a sidenote, I admit that the critters I ran into were interesting to look at. Ladybugs, some flying things-with-wings and (I believe) worms. Seeing them all up close, in my face (annoying the crap out of me 🙂 ) made me understand why kids are so fascinated by them. They really are captivating!

Well, once all was said and done, we got to see how much our work had paid off. The patches looked much better than when we arrived! The perfectionist in me wanted to rake and spray but I had to remember that I didn’t have time for that. Either way, the experience was quite fun!

All of our assigned patches were fully de-weeded! Thank God! Seriously, I was a mess at this point…

Jim and David thanked us for all of our hard work. Jim encouraged us to come back anytime. I might consider it. 😉 David then drove us back to the meeting spot and we all went home. Zack was nice enough to drop me off at home so I didn’t have to walk all the way back.

Once I got home, I showered and took a four hour nap. To be honest, I was a dirty, filthy, dirt-covered person. My clothes weren’t wearable anymore and unsurprisingly, the shower felt like heaven. Then my body collapsed from exhaustion. It wasn’t my intention but that’s what happened. I did feel much better after waking up. My arms had finally stopped itching so I was very glad for that.

Looking back, today was a very fulfilling day! I did good work and met some cool people. I also don’t feel like I just moped around aimlessly so that’s good. I need to do stuff like this more often if I have time. Honestly, the humanitarian in me was quite overjoyed after today’s events!

Well, that covers that story. I do hope you all enjoyed that. I’m gonna go now but I should be back tomorrow with some more stories! 😉

Until next time, cheers!

Have you volunteered before or would you like to? If so, where? How was your experience if you have? How do you feel about gardening, or weeds? Leave all your thoughts below!


6 thoughts on “De-Weeding Dunbar Gardens!

  1. Try doing that crap for a living! Wear long-sleeved shirts, long pants, and leather gloves to help protect yourself from the scratches that caused your itching. Growing up on a farm, I know what I am talking about. Add a hat to help keep the sun out of your eyes.

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    1. Dunbar is a local garden in my community which provides food for the food bank in the community as well. Anyone can come and pay to have a plot to own and work. And in the process, those in community get food out of it and help the community at the same time. It’s a great program I must say. 🙂

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