Errands, Work, And Mundanity

Good evening Wonderful Listeners.

Today is Thursday and it’s been quite a mundane day today. I really didn’t have anything exciting going on but I did do a lot today. If I may be frank, today was full of errands and tasks to be done. We all have those days where we just need to get lots of stuff done, right? I’m sure we all have those days.

I spent my day inside really. After all, it was rather cool and wet outside where I live for most of the day. For the most part, it was grey all day. No real light broke through the clouds or anything like that. It was one of those days that just beckoned you to stay inside under a blanket. The sun only came out within the last hour and a half; just in time for it to set on the horizon.

Ah, it was extremely quiet and, well, my head got to a lot of thinking about lots of stuff. Allow me to just kind of drop it all in a heap on here for you, if you will.

So what I ended up doing today was a lot of reading. Yes, lots of reading. Not reading from the blog-o-sphere unfortunately (although I am trying my best to catch up.) I had many texts to read for class, even though I’m still on Spring Break.

Being honest, Spring Break is not really a break for anyone who is serious about school, their studies, and honing their craft. It’s really not, it’s just kind of like a week to play catch-up (or ‘ketchup’ if you prefer.) Yet, students do need time for that.

I know I spent my Spring Break doing some awesome stuff like volunteering in a garden or with kids but most of the time, I just hung out with friends, made art, and rested. I even skipped out on going home to see my family (once again) because I just had things to take care of.

It’s crazy. I feel like only a year ago I didn’t have to do this kind of thing. Now that I’m an adult who is almost fully independent, I don’t have time (or sadly the luxury) of going to see my family as often as I might like. To add, I also didn’t get to see my hometown friends either because, as I said, I have work to do!

But I mean, all is not lost. I got a lot done this week that I’m proud of and I’m happy for my achievements. It’s good on my conscience. Makes it very easy to go to sleep at night knowing I did lots of work during the day.

Ah, but I’m pretty sure I got sidetracked. :/ Sorry about that. Getting back on track, I had to go and pick up some items because I need to prepare for my gallery exhibition that is coming up in the next two weeks! (I’m super excited about that but I’ll dedicate a post to just that once it opens up.) Then, because my day started at about 10 AM, after I ran my errands, I came home and took a nap.

Then I got right back up and did my reading for classes. I mean, I’m still not done. I still need to do more readings and start working on essays that are due for other classes too. I just can’t escape all of the work I have to do. Not that I’m trying to escape (because I’m well aware at this point that I can’t.)

Either way, today was just kind of a “meh” day. Life goes on but I just thought I’d come and let you guys know about it. Figured that it would help balance out all of the hectic and lively posts I usually do. Sometimes, it’s good to have a mellow post, y’know?

Well, with that nonsense or whatever being said, I’m going to go now. Do hope everyone else had a marvelous day today! 🙂 Why not just leave me a quick comment on something small you did today that you felt good about? That’d be nice.

Until next time, cheers!

What was the last errand you ran? Do you like days that just make you want to stay inside and snuggle up? Do you feel content when you do lots of work during the day? Leave all your thoughts below!


10 thoughts on “Errands, Work, And Mundanity

    1. Well, it’s an art exhibition. I’m displaying my work in the school gallery and I may potential run into and be able to discuss my work with other local and professional artists who attend the event. More details will come soon once the event takes place. 🙂

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  1. Yesterday was sort of a meh day for me but it also enabled me to do something special for two people! It was my errand running day, too. But since we’re at the beach, we got in our five mile walk. Then the errands. But first I dropped my hubby off at a huge car show! He is a car guy. Then ran the meh errands. My sister then needed a favor. Much of what we do us virtual since we don’t live near each other. I had to come home to do it. I was home 10 minutes, helped her (had to use my computer) then off to pick up hubby. I guess it wasn’t so meh after all!

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