Photography101: Ideas From A Light Show!

Hello Wonderful Listeners!

I managed to make it to week 2 of Photography101! Yes, I’m excited to reveal my take on the prompts from this week. I will tell you, due to the weather this week, I didn’t have much choice in lighting situations but that didn’t stop me from pursuing my passion.

Let me tell you, this is fun! While I’m not a fan of responding to prompts (in order to create content), these prompts have kept me pushing to continue to make more art; that’s my main goal in my career. But, let me not distract you anymore. Let’s get to the photos shall we?

Monday’s Prompt: Connect & Tags


The question was posed: How do you interpret the word connect? A requirement was made to add tags to this post.

  • Well, connection can mean a lot of things. However, what it means regardless of interpretation, is the bonding of two separate entities by some force. In the case of my example above, these two fellas decided to connect with each other while floating down a river. You can tell by their mellow vibes that they’re close. Human connections are often the most beautiful connections we can notice.

Tuesday’s Prompt: Big & Point of View


The statement was made: Photography something big and make it feel prominent. A challenge was proposed to experiment with point of view.

  • Well, while my point of view is not experimental, this architecture indeed does feel big and prominent. In fact, it’s so big and prominent that it takes up almost half of the entire photograph. This building has a presence about it that you just can’t seem to overlook. No matter where your eye wanders, it makes it way back to the building. And this photograph feels simple and vernacular, doesn’t it?

Wednesday’s Prompt: Natural World & Leading Lines


The statement was made: Capture the natural world outside, big or small. A challenge was made to create leading lines to the subject.

  • If there is one thing I love, it’s nature. I love being out in nature and just taking it in. This was taken out in the middle of a wood, where few have treaded. I can tell because it was quite out-of-the-way and at this point, the “trail” that was once there was being overgrown with plant life again. Anyway, this branch seems to take priority in the photo. All of the subtle lines are leading directly to it after all. Even though there are no direct and obvious lines, the line created by the arches of the leaves and their branches point to this branch’s direction. We follow the path laid out by these natural leaders.

Thursday’s Prompt: Warmth & The Quality of Light


The statement was made: Capture an image of warmth using the sun as the light source! A suggestion was made to think about the quality of the light in the image as well.

  • Now I definitely used the sun as a light source but this was taken on a cloudy day. While the image may not appear it right away, it is indeed warm. It’s a slight warmth but it is their. Although, let’s notice how even the lighting is in the photo. On a cloudy day, even lighting is inevitable and what normally appears as warm sunlight now appears dulled heavily. In some cases, when the sun is truly hidden behind clouds, the light appears cooler but in this case, it’s not. The subtle warm of the image is inviting regardless. Don’t you just want to pull up a chair and watch the scenery?

Friday’s Prompt: Mystery & Lighting Effects


The statement was made: Capture an image that conveys mystery. A challenge was made to be deliberate about the lighting in the image.

  • I most certainly took control over this image. It is indeed mysterious, wouldn’t you agree? It feels, somewhat, otherworldly if you stare at it long enough; after all, we cannot see into the complete distance. It is completely a blanket of white behind the tree and that was completely intentional. We have no idea what lies in that shroud of white. That’s what’s so mysterious about this photo. Often times mystery is produced by what isn’t know; in the case of visuals, it’s produced by what we cannot see. This only makes us yearn to know lies before us.

The Weekend Prompt: Play with Light

This weekend, we were asked to think about the light in our images. Exactly what kind of light is it and what might it help to say about our photos?

  • Well, this week was kind of cloudy to be honest. Lots of rain, fog and grayed light. Well, even though that was the case, the photos only portray this type of lighting situation. Cloudy days create nice even lighting and shadows turn grey instead of black. Light which usually feels warm feels a bit cooler than usual. I indeed played with the light I was given this weekend and it gave me endless possibilities.

Now we’ve reached the end of week two! My vision only seems to come forward even more doesn’t it? While I am sharing with you my work, I’m still just playing around and having fun with this.

I do think ahead to when I present my fine art work in full seriousness; I only wonder how you will respond to manifestations of my soul. But that’s for another time.

Can’t wait to come back and show you next week’s work! Until next time, cheers!

<– Week 1                                                                                                                                     Week 3 –>

13 thoughts on “Photography101: Ideas From A Light Show!

    1. Aww. Thanks! 🙂 You know, I’ve seen others’ work and some of them only have iphones. You know, you can still make art out of low-budget material! As long as you have a vision, you can manifest it, even with everyday things. 🙂
      This is coming from someone who has to do this all too often XD

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Really, some participants only use iPhones? I mean, I was interested in buying a decent camera but then I realized it’s my iPhone I carry with me at all times so … And I always thought you needed a real camera for classes like this 😀 Anyhoot, thanks so much for the kind words 🙂

        Continue making beautiful art. I’m excited to check out next week’s batch 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yeah. I’m not sure if some are exclusively using iPhones but I know some are using them.
          A decent camera is always nice but you don’t need one when getting started. 🙂 Just have fun!
          I look forward to your response to next week’s work! 😉

          Liked by 1 person

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