Free Time? What Free Time?

Hi Wonderful Listeners.

It has definitely been a crazy week this week. Honestly, “no free time” is the phrase of my life right now. Seriously, I have never been more busy (I don’t think.)

It might stem from the fact that I have some many things lined up, scheduled, and projects to complete that I just don’t know what to do with myself. Allow me to explain.

So, this week I came back from Spring Break. Spring Break was cool and all but now the fire is really burning my butt. I had a project to present on Monday from Expanded Media I, a project to start for my Studio Photography class, critique on Wednesday along with an exam for Art History. Thursday, I had a presentation to present in Intermediate Digital Photography and technical samples due for Metals I.

After classes on Thursday, I took a break from all the hectic craze that is occurring because I really needed to relax. Actually, I spent a little bit of time with Melissa (who is a colleague and my Teacher Assistant [T.A.] for my Art History class) before relaxing. I kind of followed her to the library on campus to continue a conversation we were having with each other. Let me tell you, we have more in common than I originally knew.

We talked about our past, current work and even about how the Art History class is going overall. She’s a lot of fun and so down-to-earth that I just couldn’t help but keep talking with her. In the process, I managed to end up helping her with finding and carrying some books that Professor Stob asked her to pick up for the Art History class. Honestly, they were kind of heavy. :/

After we got those books back to Stob, Melissa and I went out to lunch! She offered to treat me to a free meal in return for helping her and making her feel good for the afternoon. I humbly accepted (because, hey, free food!) She treated me to my choice of food, and I chose Whataburger; I hadn’t eaten there in almost a year. It’s pretty good! 🙂

Anyway, after that eventful detour, I went home and I had intentions on working some more but I fell asleep. Whoops! XD I slept for almost 12 straight hours. I must have been tired!

Yesterday, I monitored for the art building as I do every Friday, and I continued working on my projects. I had a surprise appearance when one of my photo-friends spontaneously decided to help me with the project! It went over pretty well. I had another shoot right after her’s with someone else. I was just super busy.

Today is Saturday and I’m already out and about as you’re reading this! I have like 5 photo shoots to do today, all in different places with different people. My time is just so slim that I don’t know how I would function without my calendar. Seriously. I probably wouldn’t know what day it is (and I usually don’t nowadays anyway.)

But that’s all the time I have for now! Look forward to my Photo101 post coming later today! Until next time, cheers!

Do you use a scheduler/calendar? How do you keep track of your responsibilities?

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