Photography101: The Little Things Are Big!

Hi Wonderful Listeners!

Well, I made it to week 3 despite all of the craziness that’s going on right now! I’m feeling very comfortable with sharing my work with you guys. The more I do it, the easier it gets; you guys have been so supportive of my efforts and I truly appreciate that.

But let me not get too sidetracked. Let’s get right to these photos why don’t we?

Monday’s Prompt: Pop & Color



The statement was made: Experiment with one color and think about how to feature it prominently.

  • Well, there’s no better way to make a color prominent than to fill a room with it! I know I have associations with the color yellow and it often makes me happy. Still, in this case, I don’t necessarily feel blissful. Possibly only slightly happy? It might be because the photo looks dingy. I did shoot this in a public laundry room after all. One might expect that. Regardless, this version of yellow evokes a feeling; what do you feel from it?

Tuesday’s Prompt: Architecture & Monochrome


The question was posed: How will you interpret this theme? A challenge was made to keep the color of the photograph monochrome.

  • I took a picture of architecture! And honestly, this was a hard challenge to fulfill. This is one of the buildings on my university’s campus (and probably one of the oldest.) Honestly, it’s a pretty basic photograph. There’s nothing really special about it but it is at least formally pleasing to look at. I decided to go with this photo (even though I could’ve chosen any other photo and made it black and white) because I wanted to see if I could find architecture that was one color overall. My search was pretty extensive but I found some! What do you make of the photo?

Wednesday’s Prompt: Moment & Motion


The statement was made: Photograph a fleeting moment in your life, or something you overlook often, A challenge was made to show motion in the photograph.

  • This particular photo says a lot about my interaction with people on campus. They are often just ghosts in my peripheral vision. Sometimes I notice them and other times they are just, well, shadows. While I have a chronic habit of people watching, when I am in commute (and on a schedule) people just disappear. Plus, most of these people are strangers; there’s no prominent reason for me to notice them. However, motion is definitely present! There’s no way I could get this photo with a fast shutter speed!

Thursday’s Prompt: Scale & Observation


The statement was made: Play with scale or anything to convey size in relation to something else. A challenge was made to be particular about what was in the frame.

  • There’s juxtaposition with many things in this photo. My eye immediately notices the peculiar cat in the distance but then I think about its relationship to the a/c unit next to it and the trash bin next to the a/c. It continually spreads the gambit as you look. The more you notice size in this photo, the more you compare and guess how big something really is. Now, I was particular with what is in the frame. Honestly, I pretty much always am. Even the wooden items on the edges of the photograph are not a mistake.

Friday’s Prompt: Landscape & Cropping


The statement was made: Take a picture of a landscape and focus on the landscape as a whole, not its individual parts. It doesn’t matter if evidence of civilization is present. We were given the option to crop the image in a photo editor.

  • Well, I for one try not crop unless it’s in the camera (i.e. when I shoot the photo.) I didn’t crop this image post-shoot but it did make me notice the beauty of a landscape. Honestly, how often do I personally shoot landscapes? Almost never. This was a bit different for me but I enjoy the photograph nonetheless. It’s mesmerizing in its own light—the colors, the lines, the contrast, etc. How do you feel about this landscape?

The Weekend Prompt: Hone Your Eye

We were inspired to just keep shooting! As long as we are becoming more conscious of what we were doing, we could shoot anything this weekend. We were also encouraged to try a different gallery style if we hadn’t already. I did that! A slightly different gallery display. What do you guys think of my images? 🙂

Now we’ve reached the end of week three! It only grows bigger from here doesn’t it? Crazy how I’m already three weeks into this class. I do wish that I had time to be mingling with my classmates but alas, I have my own efforts to attend to.

Still, I am having fun! I hope you guys are enjoying the content! Do stay tuned for next week’s work. I can’t even imagine what it will look like. 🙂

Until next time, cheers!

<– Week 2                                                                                                                                    Week 4 –>

2 thoughts on “Photography101: The Little Things Are Big!

  1. The photos are beautiful. And I appreciate how you take us along the thinking (and searching) process that goes into shooting each pic. What’s mundane and overlooked becomes something to notice and think about. Glad to learn along 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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