Showtime: My First Art Gallery Exhibit!

Why HELLO THERE Wonderful Listeners!

It’s been quite a long time it feels like since I’ve been able to sit down and just chat with you guys over tea (or coffee if you prefer)! Seriously, did you bring your beverage of choice with you? I hope so because I have a feeling I’m going to ramble today! Anyway, let me just get right to this story shall I?

So I had my first ever art exhibit on Monday, March 28th. To be honest, it was a lot of fun!

One thing about my university’s student shows is that students are required (and assigned) to bring food to the reception. I got assigned to bring a “sweet.” Literally, I went to HEB and picked up some donut holes (and I even ate one out of the box before the reception. I didn’t want to but I hadn’t eaten all day at that point.)

I actually ended up helping to set up the food table because I had nothing better to do. In my head, I was trying to find some sort of organization to the arrangement but, well, that didn’t happen. One of the assistants came around to arrange them herself; she undid my work in the process.

But you know what, at least I looked nice. I took the time to dress up nice that day. I looked rather dazzling if I do say so myself (even if I wasn’t dressed extravagantly.)


Look at me. I’m wearing a uniform basically! But it never fails to work! And that’s my work next to me!
The reception opened up at 5 pm on the dot. The doors flung open and the public was allowed inside. To actually see my work hanging on the wall was a little, well, I felt kinda giddy about it! I mean, I wasn’t overjoyed but I was definitely happy.


Look at them all. Hey, they at least appreciate art if nothing else!
Normally, I find going to galleries a tad bit droll. I like looking at art however, browsing through it can be a bit underwhelming at times. I do take time to think critically about some art but I just try to enjoy myself; it’s exhausting to be critical all the time.

But this time around, it wasn’t. I was looking at all of the work my colleagues, and friends, were producing. I was proud and excited for them! We were all really artists and it was just made obvious for the world to see. There was tons of good work in the show too!

At 5:45 pm, the judges announced the winners for the show. There were four in total: 3 for $250 prizes and 1 for $500 AND “Best in Show.” I was kind of hoping that I might win but once I saw the other contestants works, I started to think I might now. And I didn’t. But I wasn’t mad at all; I was just thankful I was even chosen to get in!

I actually knew everyone who got chosen for the awards. Everyone in that show is pretty much my classmate so, of course, I was happy for them and proud of them. Still, I really could’ve used that money but I thought to myself, “They probably need it more than I. God has a way of sorting things out.”

After the announcements, I just went back to the food table and snacked. I had to go right back into the Metals Studio to continue working on my project (which got moved back to Thursday! Thank goodness!) But before I went to go work, I invited my roommates to come in and see the show.

They showed up late (of course) but I was happy they could support my efforts (or at least one of them. The other two were in class.) The one who showed up, well, he couldn’t really talk much about art. Still, all I could think about was what I learned in my art history class—the public isn’t educated enough to talk about art casually.

Well, after all that was said and done, I got back to work. Life goes on and it was a great experience. I’m so thankful that I had the chance to do this. All I wanna do now, is keep submitting to more shows! In the meantime, I need to find the money to actually submit my stuff (because y’know, fees are a thing.)

That concludes this story. Hope you enjoyed that little time with me. I miss you guys and I hope to be back soon! Until next time, cheers!

P.S. If you’re wondering about my artwork, I’l show you guys in full detail at a later time. Promise!

How do you feel about art galleries? How do you discuss artwork? Do you personally know anyone who works hard on art? Leave you thoughts below!

8 thoughts on “Showtime: My First Art Gallery Exhibit!

  1. You have an amazing attitude; I congratulate you on the ability to rejoice in the happiness of others. Now about you. You do look great. Your art is interesting with its slants and shadows. The black and grays are nice. The ability to enter these art exhibits is a compliment to your work. Well done.

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