Every Choice Has A Consequence

Hey there Wonderful Listeners!

Wow. Yesterday was both amazing and just crazier than a Looney Tunes episode! Seriously, I definitely have some stories to tell you about today! Get ready for a nice long ramble. 🙂

Well, my day started off pretty just, well, awful. By awful, I’m referring to the sacrifices I had to make to get done what was important for my academics. Let me tell you, time and physical limitations became my worst enemy yesterday. Why? Well, I literally did not sleep.

Now you might be asking yourself, “What does he mean?” Well, I mean that I woke up to live my life on Wednesday and didn’t fall asleep until Friday morning today. Now, that’s a long time, and to make the perspective more reasonable, I was without adequate sleep for roughly 41 hours. (By the time the story is over, you’ll know why.)

So, that was of course, so much fun obviously. I couldn’t risk falling asleep because I had (what felt like) 4 projects due all at 8 am sharp on Thursday. I had to (in the time that I got up on Wednesday which was 11 am) finish a day’s worth of research, create concept sketches and 3D models of those sketches, along with presenting a fathomable idea to my colleagues for Metals I. (Mind you that work was for just one class.)

Then I also had to finish matting and printing my film photographs for a critique on Thursday afternoon at 2 pm. That process takes a chunk of your time for sure! Oh! Did I mention that I also had a small in-class group critique for my 11 am along with work images?

Yeah. I just had a lot to do in very little time so something had to give. But let me focus on the aspects individually so you’re not completely confused.


Time travel back to 4 pm on Wednesday. Class will end in an hour so I use the last hour of it to focus on my research for my Metals class. (I know, that’s kind of bad since I’m supposed to be working on work for the class I was in but I had to compromise.) 5 pm rolls around, I finish the research and class ends; I got to work right away.

I went straight to the darkroom and began re-printing some of my photographs because I made a mistake which I only saw 24 hours later. I hate that part about film. If you mess up at the very end of the process, you only notice WAY later! :/ I got that done and while I was waiting (as one must do in the darkroom a lot) I was also in the middle of preparing my photograph for the R Gallery Show I have today (Friday) at 7:00 pm. (Super excited about that! I will inform you of how it goes later this weekend.)

As I’m preparing my image for the gallery opening, I’m also in the middle of a meeting with Middle Grey, the student photography association on campus. They actually put the show together and I couldn’t miss the opportunity to partake in it! I came to the meeting because I needed to drop off my image for them to take to the gallery. (Mind you, I’m still putting the finishing touches on it when the meeting is happening.)

I actually ended up signing up to be an officer for the association next year (because why not add something else to worry about on top of my busy life, right?) Maybe I’ll get the position, maybe not. I’ll find out later. By the time everything ends, I hand in my image, the meeting is over, it’s like 9:15 pm. I get right back to work.

At this point, I’m still waiting for my prints to dry so I can spot them, press them and mat them on time for class. But the drying process takes 3 hours (if you squeegee them, otherwise it takes 24 hours) and I couldn’t sit still. I immediately get what I can done by pressing, spotting and matting 3 out of 5 images. Two left to go but I keep moving on.

After the whole shebang, I run down to the Metals studio hoping it’s not locked on me because it’s almost 10:00 pm. Luckily it wasn’t. Jessica (who is the studio monitor) just so happens to be there and she has a habit of leaving very very late. Thank goodness! I get to work trying to finish up my technical assignment immediately. It was a small little hollow-constructed ring I could wear.

Let me tell you, I didn’t leave that studio until about 5:30 am the next day (Thursday.) It took me that long just to finish the project because I met obstacles at all turns. Seriously, that class forces you to work through the hardship (otherwise you’d just quit right away.) Going through the process of soldering my metal together, constantly cleaning it so it’s not dirty, sanding, washing, filing, and polishing takes a HUGE amount of your time. (You do that math and see how long I was there.)

Luckily, I was not working through this hardship alone. Chandler, one my colleagues (and now friend) was there doing the same thing. We get along very well and I’m always happy to see her. We vibe so well together.

She had some hardship too, particularly because she “tumbled” her ring to get it super shiny! But the little rods which brush up against your metal in the machine got stuck in her ring and she couldn’t get them out. She spent an hour and a half sitting at her desk just shaking those things out. I had to give her props for commitment on that.

Still once all was said and done, she left before me (hugging me on the way out) and I still had work to do. She left at about 2:30 am so I still had 3 hours of work to do little to my knowledge.

Well, 5:00 am comes around and I finally finish the ring! I was so happy. Now, I won’t lie, it definitely isn’t the best thing I’ve ever made but it was good enough to get me a decent grade. That’s all I cared about at that point.

I finally left at about 5:10 am after cleaning up. I go right back upstairs to the darkroom and finish pressing and spotting my 2 prints. I left my stuff in such a way that I could come back later and simply put them in their mats right before class.

At this point, I’m sitting there debating to myself, “Do I go home or just stay in the building until my class starts at 8 am?” I decide on the first. Granted, the buses are not running at this hour so I had to walk home the 1 hour walk from campus to get there.

I literally sneak into my house like a thief, go to my room, take a shower, change clothes, prep my backpack for the materials I need on Thursday, and finish my sketches and 3D model for class. Well, almost. I finish 2 out of 5 sketches and I realize I don’t have the materials to properly construct my model; they were all at the metal studio which I left from.

So at this point, I’m just settling. I take a nap from 6:40-7:10 am just to get some form of sleep. Honestly, it made me just even more groggy and agitated. I get up unmotivated, and catch the 7:20 am bus to get back to campus.


11 thoughts on “Every Choice Has A Consequence

  1. Unfortunately I also took time to read the longest rambling ever of a Train wrecked Pineapple. Who does that? Loyal fans!

    This is grueling! Your eyes must be bloodshot by now. Take a picture of your groggy self, I wanna see.

    Wish you good luck!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You know, my eyes WERE bloodshot. But now, they’re doing better. Glad to see a loyal Deb read my ramble. 😉
      I don’t know if you’ll get a picture but you at least have a story! 🙂 And thank you.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Can’t wait to see some of your work, especially your ring!
    Oh to remember days like this! Heard about Murphy’s Law? That was when you realized what you needed was back in the metals department after your already grueling day!

    Liked by 1 person

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