Photography101: The Basics & The Treasures

Hi Wonderful Listeners!

Well, well, well. It appears it is week four of Photography101. How did I manage to keep up this pace with my busy life? That is a very good question for which I do not have an answer. I guess, I just keep living life and things work out!

Anyway, I know I tend to ramble so allow me to just introduce you to this week’s winners shall I?

Monday’s Prompt: Treasure & Close-Up


The question was posed: What do you treasure and what would that look like in a photography? The challenge was also issued to photograph the subject close-up.

  • Can anyone take a guess as to what I treasure? Does anyone know who this is at least? I will at least tell you this much: I treasure the mind and its space. It is so important to me and who I am that I tried to capture the feeling of it. It’s sort of this gray area of concentration in which both light and dark exist and yet reality is questioned at every moment. It’s a fascinating and living treasure.

Tuesday’s Prompt: Glass


The statement was made: Incorporate glass into your photograph.

  • Well, I definitely used glass but not in any real abstract way. I used it rather to explore a tendency in which most humans have. Actually, two tendencies: surveilling others discreetly and be fascinated by reflection. I believe that reflections hold our attention so much because it is an etherial copy of something else. It’s not the true version of the subject but still, we take some truth in it. And as for surveillance, I at least, do this WAY too often. It’s a habit. I wonder where that guy was headed?

Wednesday’s Prompt: Edge & Alignment


The statement was made: Take a picture of an edge. A challenge was made to keep all lines in the photography as straight as possible.

  • Now this is interesting to me because edges are often overlooked. We don’t really consciously notice that they’re there. Still, they are. I decided to boil this down to true composition without distractions. Look at the lines. Each one is pretty much angular and in a pattern of some sort. I made the image black and white to reduce all lines to form. It’s truly a model photograph if you asked me; not cherished for its creativity but for its purpose.

Thursday’s Prompt: Double


The statement was made: Shoot something that is doubled or mirrored.

  • The easiest thing to do is to find pairs. They are natural doubles in most cases. Pairs often mirror each other as well, as if one cannot be without the other; they are one. In this case, two pipes that run parallel to each other along a bridge. The photograph itself is mundane but there’s something nice about it. It’s just pleasing and maybe calming to look at. Do you think so?

Friday’s Prompt: Triumph & Contrast


The question was asked: How will you interpret triumph? A challenge was made to utilize contrast.

  • Well, triumph takes many forms. sometimes it’s subtle but most times it is not. It is grandiose and loud. In my case, I took the triumph of structure and juxtaposed it with the sky at dusk. This kind of lighting calls for natural contrast. The prominence of the water tower calls for attention, to triumph over everything else around it. But who knows? Maybe triump doesn’t last long; maybe only as long as the sun lights up the world around us. If so, then does the triumph in this photograph end when all becomes black, and invisible?

The Weekend Prompt: Favorites

For this weekend, we still owned the right to shoot what we want. However, we were given many options: to revisit a theme and try again, to work on the challenges from the themes, or to show our favorites from this class. I choose to show my favorites.

  • I gotta say honestly, these are the ones I love from shooting for this class. They are somewhat spread out throughout the weeks but you might be able to tell which week’s photos made the most appearances in the gallery above. Well, go on, look at (my best) favorites! 🙂

It’s finally here now. Class has officially ended and I’m that much more comfortable with sharing my work with you guys. Would I have guessed that after 4 weeks of work that I’d be so happy to share my passion with you? Probably not! I definitely had cold feet before class. Now, I’m that much better and so happy to be!

It is a shame that I did not get to rendezvous with my classmates as much as I wanted to, however, I still learned a lot from this class. But, the journey is over and I must get back to doing other things in life.I will miss doing these assignments (I can’t even lie!) But I hope that next time I share some work with you, it will be a truly overwhelming artistic experience. Time will tell.

So then, I guess I gotta do my thing that I always do, huh? Altogether now! Until next time, cheers!

<– Week 3


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