Gallery Tour: A Night In San Antonio

What’s up Wonderful Listeners!

Friday, I went to my second gallery show ever. That was pretty exciting I must say and this time I had to travel to San Antonio to see my work. Yes, I believe I might be headed towards good things! πŸ™‚

Now, if you’re not familiar already, I’ve been in a gallery show before. That one was pretty standard I suppose. I’m really new to this whole “showing your artwork on display” thing.

Anyway, let me just get to the story shall I? I had plenty of fun going to this gallery in San Antonio. It’s called R Gallery actually and it’s a small local gallery compared to the one I was in before.


The sign of the place. Looks official!

Needless to say, I was a bit thrown off by its size and appearance but once I saw my work inside, it didn’t matter.

This is the actual gallery. It’s actually a house fashioned for art displays. Pretty nifty. At least it has character.

We got to the gallery around 7:30 pm but it opened up at 6:00 pm. We were fashionably late if you will. Besides, it’s a small gallery so it’s not like a huge amount of people were going to be there anyway.

What was also nice about going to this art exhibit was that I got to see all my friends work.


The immediate view inside. All of our art was on the walls and there was even a bar!! Too bad I don’t drink.

I also got to see my family. I haven’t seen them since Christmas ended in 2015. It was refreshing to see them all again.

My mother, father, two sisters, and nephew showed up; heck even my little sister’s boyfriend came along! I must say, they did seem very proud of me and my accomplishments. While we didn’t really talk about art or anything like that, I got to catch up a bit with them which was also nice.

My nephew has really grown! He looks so much taller, sounds smarter, and even looks older than before. Time flies when you’re living life I guess. My family was a bit sad to hear me say that I wasn’t staying for the weekend but I have things to attend to as an adult. Regardless, I was just happy that they came out to support me.

One thing I will say before I forget, was how my mother talked to me about getting ahead in my field. She gave me some advice and while I realize it was probably great things to follow, I just really wanted to focus on the fact that I was with my family. Plus, she told me this advice in a way to make me better but I wasn’t in the mood for it. I just wanted to celebrate what I had accomplished.

My family was not the only people I talked with while at the gallery. I talked with my friends of course; I talked with the owner’s sister; I talked to my friends’ families. Everyone was wonderful to be honest. It was just a nice, wonderful experience


There’s my piece! I even have a label for it!

Eventually, my family left because they had things to attend to and I wanted to spend time with my friends. So, we parted ways and I caught up with my circle. On the way to catch up with my friends, I took some photos of the area. I couldn’t resist after all. Wanna see them? πŸ™‚


A local restaurant of San Antonio. Nice sign!


People in the street. It was First Friday so many people were partying!

Now I must say, while I grew up in San Antonio, I’ve never been to this part of it. We were in the downtown area but more so in the area where all the art galleries were. To be honest, I didn’t even know San Antonio had so many art galleries in one area!

We took a walk through the neighborhood but before we went too far, we stopped to eat at Tito’s Mexican Restaurant. The food was amazing, and cheap! Fits my bill perfectly I would say. Now, I will admit, I did eat a lot of food but it was all worth it. All of the walking we did afterwards made up for it.


The remains of my meal. As you can see, I don’t waste.


Oh and my second plate. It was good food, alright?


…And my third. Look I was hungry OK? Give me a break.

After leaving Tito’s, we “toured” the area. We walked into some gallery not too far from Tito’s and I immediately felt like my work was inferior. I saw paintings worth $3000 and tiny sculptures worth over $200. I was simply blown away by how different my gallery experience was from an offical one. Still, the art was nice though.

Then we moved on to another gallery not too far from that one. It’s called Heart House and it’s run by Marcus Cerda. I met him actually, and he’s a nice gentleman. Β He gave me his business card once he realized I too was an artist. I just may make a connection with him later on. Who knows?

I walked around the gallery for a bit (which was a house. In fact it was Marcus’s.) I saw lots of different art and things that just gave away the fact that Marcus was interested in art. Before I met him, I saw books on Caravaggio on the living room table. You don’t just own a book about Caravaggio for a non-artistic purpose (I think anyway.)

Heart House also had a featured artist, who I met as well! He too was a nice gentleman, much older than Marcus. His work is very cultural but I like that. I wanted to keep talking with Marcus and the other gentleman but I had to leave. My group was itching to move on (and they almost left me behind! How rude.)

Then we kept walking until we got to Blue Star. It’s a complex that houses a bar, restaurant, and an art gallery. It’s craziness but I absolutely loved being there! The atmosphere was stellar.

My group walked inside and there was a live band playing music. Granted it was First Friday so of course, lots of things were happening downtown in bars and businesses. The band had some really great tunes! Too bad I couldn’t ask for their information.

After seeing Blue Star, my group and I walked back to R Gallery. After we got back, we went home because everything was closed at that point. Once I got home at midnight, it was a wrap for me. I fell asleep so fast. And I slept good that night. πŸ™‚

But that’s the end of that story. Admittedly kind of short but, hey, it was good time. Hope you guys enjoyed that. Well, until next time, cheers!

Do you like galleries? How would you feel if you hadn’t seen your family in a long time? Leave your thoughts below!


5 thoughts on “Gallery Tour: A Night In San Antonio

  1. That was a fun evening with you! I felt like I was tagging along!
    I loved your Spirit of the Sun. Great name and cool art! One day, if and when we live in a sticks and bricks home, it would look good on one of our walls!
    Now about your family. What time did they arrive? It was great they came. Did you get a family pic of you all together? I like to memorialize our family get togethers. But probably not post them in my blog. Well, maybe a few!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They arrived at about 8 pm. We did take a family pic together but it wasn’t on my phone so I don’t have it πŸ˜› Nor was I motivated enough to ask for it. Just glad that they came out to support me!


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