Good Deeds Demand Sacrifice

‘Sup Wonderful Listeners!

OK. So I have a rather quick (probably not considering who I am) story to tell you about. It’s one that’s small in significance, but I figured why not tell you all about it? I mean, that is what I do most of the time anyway— tell you about stories from my life. Now, let me get started.

So yesterday was Saturday. I had no real obligations to attend to but I did anyway because I’m nice. 🙂 What do I mean exactly? Well, I made a promise to a friend that I would take time out of my day to help them because they were in a pinch.

See, if you remember Melissa (she’s come up a lot lately hasn’t she?) then you know that I hitched a ride with her a few days ago. Well, we agreed to go back up to the school today with her and open up the digital lab (where I monitor on Fridays and Sundays) so that she had free range to print her thesis work.

Now, I was somewhat putting my neck out onto the chopping block but I’m nice enough to just do that anyway when someone is in need. Honestly, because it was Saturday, no one was supposed to be up at the school (except the monitors only.) Well, I broke the implied rules for her. Am I getting sidetracked? Let me get back to the story.

So Melissa picks me up in San Antonio and we head back to the school. On the way, we manage to start talking about our families and past and it got pretty deep but nothing we couldn’t handle. We stopped to grab lunch at Chili’s and boy it was delicious! We got that new Berry-Crumble-Ice Cream-Whatever thing for dessert and I almost melted into my seat. 😀

Afterwards, we actually headed up to the school. I opened up the door for her with my keys (because I have that kind of power now) and she got straight to work. While she did all that jazz, I got some much needed homework done. Honestly, I’ve been somewhat putting it off but I’m trying to not lose all motivation before the semester ends.

Well, Melissa ended up running into problem after problem and I know she was thankful to have me with her. She needed that someone to loosen her up because she started to get really frustrated with our printers in the lab (they always have some kind of problem.)

Well, the end of the night comes (she started working at like 4:00 pm) and it’s 10:00 pm. We close up shop and I lock up hoping that no one ever notices I was even around. We leave and she even picks me up some dinner for free! She drops me back off at my apartment and then she goes home.

The thing about this whole adventure was that I did something nice for someone else that could’ve ended badly for me. But, you know, you bring up your struggles and I will habitually listen to you because I’m nice. Did I mention I’m nice? 🙂

I could’ve stayed in San Antonio and spent time with my friend David who’s being deployed soon. I could’ve stayed in San Antonio to spend time with my family but instead I’m sacrificing my relaxation time to help someone else. No, I do not regret it. I just felt like I needed someone to know that I did it.

I know Melissa sure appreciates it (even though she only got 2 prints successfully made.) Besides, I was going to have to come back Saturday night anyway. I just left early is all.

Well, OK. That’s all I had to say. Hope that did something for your soul. Until next time, cheers.

Would you stick your neck out for someone even though it meant giving up your free time? Leave all your thoughts below!


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