Covering My Ears

When I was young
I always thought that the noise I heard
When I covered my ears
With my hands,
Was a weird phenomenon.
I always covered my ears to check
If I was alive whenever it was too dark;
If I could hear the noise, I was,
But if I couldn’t, I’d guess I was dead.

Nowadays, I cover my ears and listen
To that very low growl.
I hear every muscle contracting
And the noise synchronizes
Into a loud, continuous boom;
Constant earthquakes.
I hear the blood rushing through my veins.

And then I hear that small little constant beat.
Through all the calamity of noise,
I hear that small steady rhythm.
I know that it’s my heart and it beats strong.
And when I can no longer hear the calamity,
Or the strong steady beat,
I may very well be dead.


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