Good Things Need Appreciation Too!

What is up Wonderful Listeners!

Well, I received some wonderful news yesterday. Now, I really should be more happy about this however, I think because I was in professional mode that it didn’t hit me as hard as it could’ve but, either way, I am pleased with the events that have transpired.

Now what exactly am I referring to? Well, you might understand if you read this post. If you haven’t then I guess I can just go ahead and tell you what happened. πŸ˜› (I’m in a goofy mood today.)

I got accepted for the internship I applied for! Yay! πŸ˜€ Who would’ve guessed that all the beautiful things in life would happen to me? I sure as hell didn’t know or anticipate.

In fact, can I just take a moment to think about all of the good things that have happened to me this semester?

List Of Wonderful Occurrences

  1. I got a summer internship bagged!
  2. I’ve been in 1, 2, no 3 art exhibitions (within a weeks of each other)!
  3. I got more organized and have better time management.
  4. I got to see a dear friend before he was deployed (who I haven’t seen in a year.)
  5. I’ve managed to make the Dean’s List.
  6. I have an overall average of an “A” for this semester so far (how? I don’t know.)
  7. I pushed my creative mind as an artist and produced some amazing work.
  8. I received some monumental advice from a friend/professional.
  9. I confronted a difficult part of my past and made it into art.
  10. I reconnected with an old professor (now friend)!
  11. I’ve bonded even more with my photo friends! πŸ™‚
  12. I volunteered multiple hours of my time to help my local community!
  13. My health has been in good condition!
  14. My blog has grown! πŸ˜€

I’m sure the list goes on but those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head. Hmm! πŸ˜€

I really just have been extremely blessed in my life recently! There’s no other way around it. Granted, I’ve made many sacrifices in the process but I’m OK with them now. Had I known what all the hardship would bring, I would have contained all of my complaints. (But they did make for great blogging material!)

I guess this just goes to show that as long as you keep moving forward, better days will come. All it takes is time and patience. I think I will remember this moment in my life and use it as reminder for when it gets hard to go on. Truly, I’m happy and blessed and impressed with myself all at once.

Well, there I went again, going off on a tangent. You’re probably not surprised anymore are you guys? Aside from that, I think that was all I had to say really. I wasn’t sure exactly what I was going to say but there it is.

I do hope you enjoyed reading that little snippet of my life. Thank you for choosing to spend your time with me; it is appreciated. πŸ™‚

Until next time, cheers!

What good has happened in your life? Have you taken time to appreciate the good things that haveΒ happened to you recently? Leave all your thoughts below!


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