A Snail-Paced Saturday

Salutations Wonderful Listeners!

Yesterday was a lazy day. It was Saturday and I just got to relax, which really threw me off guard. Honestly, I’ve been so busy and haven’t really had a chance to relax that I didn’t know what to do with myself.

I started out by waking up at midday. It was cloudy all day and it will be raining all next week so the weather made me feel even lazier. I will say that I slept wonderfully the night before though! Seriously, I haven’t slept that great in quite some time. πŸ™‚

After getting up, I kinda lounged around my house. I didn’t do anything with purpose, if you will. I made something to eat, watched Netflix with my roommate, watched my roommate play a video game, I played a video game, I watched the weather from my back porch, laid in my bed and stared at the ceiling, looked at my photos for my final project in my Studio class; I was wandering aimlessly.

I managed to waste 4 hours in that time doing all of that. I’ve never (well, that’s a lie), I mean, I haven’t felt this slow in so long. Like, I’m having a difficult time processing life around me at a snail’s pace. Normally, I’m forced to move at breakneck speed so slowing down this much is a change.

I will say that moving this slow for a change, while disorienting, is nice. I can take my time with everything that I do. I have time to think to myself and relax my body. I have time. However, I also realize why I like staying busy; I don’t feel like I’m wasting any time. But I know that just because I slowed down doesn’t mean that I wasted my time.

Where was I going with all of this? Hmm. Oh yeah! Well, my day was very, just, relaxing if you will. I’m sure my body is enjoying the lack of stress for a change.

But my day was made purposeful around 6 PM. I guy named Carlos (hey! we have he same name! πŸ˜€ ) had an unfortunate incident with his work and needed emergency time in the printing lab so I decided to help him out (with compensation.) His work is due tomorrow at 8 AM sharp, so I felt his pain. Trust me, the humanitarian in me would’ve done it anyway, free, if I was already going to be there.

Now, let me justify this compensation. I wasn’t going to be there so I had to go there on a day where the lab is closed and open it up just for him. Then, he had multiple prints to make and that takes a lot of time (not including the possibility of a screw-up with the printer.) Then, since the lab is not supposed to be open and I opened it, anything that goes wrong is on my head. I figure with all of that in mind that a little compensation wouldn’t hurt.

Outside of that, after he was finished, I went ahead and took some time to work on my own stuff. I still needed one more image for my final so I opened up the studio (because I have that kind of power) and worked on getting that final image to make the series complete.

I am very excited about this final series. I am, for once in my life, using myself as a subject (self-portraiture) which I’ve never done before. To see myself in front of the camera was really different. Definitely a change, especially because of the message I’m evoking, I was forced to confront my feelings about something in particular. (Perhaps one day I will share this work with you guys as well.)

Outside of getting that shot out of the way, I took the last bit of my Saturday night to continue relaxing. I figured that I should enjoy it while it lasts. I will be in overdrive starting Monday.

But that was how my Saturday went. It was beautiful let me tell you. With all of the stuff that happened in the evening, I felt like a great day had been presented to me! I got some much needed money and I knocked out some work weeks in advance. Good stuff!

Well, that’s the end of that bit. I hope you enjoyed that tale. Until next time, cheers!

Do you get antsy on lazy days? Leave all your thoughts below!


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