The vibrations sent waves crashing about the interior. The noises of grunts and moans were piercing the glass and creating a steady tide inside the cup which lay on the table. Between the intervals of grotesque noise, stillness reclaimed the water’s movements. Only the loud and occasional thump would send shockwaves towards the center, colliding, forming a concentrated point of tension which would explode upward towards the ceiling.

For the past ten minutes, the water had been stirring in the light of the shallow moon, accompanied by salted rims and slices of tipsy fruit. The water began to retain the musky mixture of urea and pheromones. The tiny particles left behind by the lips previously engaged with the glass were floating in the water, swaying with the waves. The only other evidence of interaction was smudged into the glass, leaving patterns of ridges in groups of five.

Only after the ten minutes passed did the motions and shockwaves and grotesque noises cease. All became still. The fog forming around the rim of the glass increased as the temperature of the room climbed; steadily, condensation slid back into the pool that lay below it.

The ghostly black shadows which drifted across the surface of the glass swapped back and forth between the invisible edges. One shadow, the smaller of the two, was suddenly engulfed in a pale light which empowered its shadow; then it disappeared into the light, leaving the other shadow in solitude. The singular shadow eliminated all light within the room, and all fell into darkness; no shadows, no sound, no water in the glass.


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