Thoughts From The 23rd Of April (2016)

‘Sup Wonderful Listeners! 🙂

What a glorious whatever-it-has-been recently! Yes! Would any of you be surprised if I had something happy or stressful or crazy to tell you about? Would you? If so, you shouldn’t be all that surprised. You know how I am. 😉

Well, OK. Back up. Let me rewind and just get myself together. Where do I begin this snippet of my life? How about here?

I woke up yesterday at around 10 AM. Now, since it was Saturday, I had no real obligations to attend to so I got to enjoy myself. It’s been so busy these last couple of weeks that I’m learning to enjoy the “free time” I do have (notice the quotation marks.)

Well, some things were lined up for me to do yesterday. I had agreed to help a friend in the printing lab but they never could follow through. They had family issues to deal with so I was completely understanding. She was the reason I was up at 10 AM on a Saturday. After I found out that she wouldn’t make it, I went back to sleep.

But before I did that, I checked my other messages. My boss had messaged me about something I had done at 8 AM but I missed the message. So I read it in depth and it turns out that I had made a mistake! Whoops! :/

But basically, someone asked about using the studio space and I told them that it was unavailable on Saturday so they were out of luck. All the information I gave them was actually correct and sound but my boss pointed out that this particular person was a special case.

Now, I didn’t know this. My boss told me to be careful and in the future to contact her to make sure others like the person I’m talking about were special cases. I was a bit urked by the situation but I quickly got over it. To be honest, my boss never actually trained me for my lab monitor position (she said I would learn on the job) so there was no real way for me to avoid this mistake.

In any other circumstance, I would’ve been correct and helpful; in this one, I was just in the way. But I’ll remember this for next time. Don’t worry. My boss is not mad at me but she doesn’t want this to be an issue in the future which I totally get.

After reading that little bit, I went to sleep. I woke up 2 hours later. I took time to talk with my roommate GC (anyone remember that story?) and his friend Linda about how their day was going. We all were having a good day. Oh! GC did manage to burn the bottom of my pot out while cooking spaghetti. I wasn’t too happy about that. :/ Don’t worry, he cleaned it up.

Then later, I was watching a TED Talk (which are probably one of the best uses of your free time when you need mental stimulation. I swear by this.) This TED Talk was about the importance of not quelling one’s queerness (or in this instance “gayness”) and what the repercussions of quelling them can be. Watch it below if you like! Really captivating speech.

Outside of that little bit, I pretty much loitered around doing nothing until 6 PM when my roommate PJ showed up. We planned on having a cookout yesterday after he was done with his rehearsal. Of course, because he’s always late, the cookout started late. Originally, it was supposed to start at 5 PM but his rehearsal let out late. So in this case, not his fault.

Regardless, as soon as he gets home, me and him start cooking up burgers and fries and corn-on-the-cob! In the process of prepping food, my friends Kyle and Victor walk through the door. Now, I knew PJ was inviting some people over but I didn’t know who. So I was pleasantly surprised! 🙂

As a sidenote, PJ and I can whip UP some food for others to eat! 😉 I mean, we just happen to work really well together and we have this thing where we know what the other’s thinking. It works out really well.

Anyway, we get everything cooked up and we all eat together. PJ’s girlfriend shows up and eats with us too. We all realize that our roommate AD isn’t back at home yet. We ask him where he is and realize that he left for San Antonio to go visit family.

Now, AD is the reason we cancelled out cookout last week. We weren’t going to cancel it again for him. He just missed out on the food. Sorry buddy. 😛 To be honest, we even joking posted pictures of the food on Facebook and tagged him in the post just to spite him. We have a nice friendship like that. 😉

While eating, we even sat down to watch A Goofy Movie. I love that movie but the sequel is more compelling for me. My personal opinion. I hadn’t seen A Goofy Movie in so long though that it was refreshing to see it. It’s a great movie.

After eating and finishing the movie, I took some time to show Kyle my most recently finished projects. He enjoyed both and we had a nice thorough conversation about my work and the ideas surrounding it. Me and him always have great conversation together; just one of the many reasons why our friendship is awesome! 😀

Then everyone had to pack up the festivities and go home. I managed to get a surprise from one of my best friends, Alex (who I wrote about here), via phone call. I haven’t talked with him in probably almost a year. We both have just been so busy that our times and lifestyles have not matched up.

We managed to talk about a lot of things. I mean, we hit on dating, maturity, school, career goals, successes and failures, family, drama; we talked about a lot of stuff. To be honest, I could tell that he had grown a lot as a person since we last talked. The way he talked, the way he carried his voice and his attitude towards life was just on another level. I couldn’t help but smile until my face ached. I was so happy for him. 😀

But, what we talked about wasn’t really all that important. It was just nice to hear his voice again and finally catch up. Seriously, I’d ramble about nothing on the phone with him until 5 in the morning if you let me (although he’d probably poop out before that time.)

Needless to say, my heart fell asleep warmly last night. I had been given a good amount of reasons to be happy with life. 🙂 The goal now is to hold on to that for the next week and see whether I sink or swim. I don’t plan on drowning; not really my style! 😉

Well, that’s all for that little snippet! Hope you enjoyed reading that. I’ll see you guys later. Until next time, cheers!

What was it like the last time you caught up with an old friend? How do you like your burgers and fries? Do you enjoy sleeping in? Leave all your thoughts below!


3 thoughts on “Thoughts From The 23rd Of April (2016)

    1. Yeah those moments are great. Well, my pot was kind of crazy. How did manage that I don’t know but he fixed the problem. All that mattered at that moment. Thanks for stopping by Kelly! ☺️


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