The Finality Of Finals Week

Hi Wonderful Listeners!

*Sigh* This week has been one to remember if I do say so myself. I know that I haven’t been very active this week and that has good reason. I was taking most of my finals this week and I was working down to the very wire. In fact, so much has happened that I’d like to run you through it if you don’t mind. ๐Ÿ™‚

Let’s just start at the beginning shall we?

Monday, April 25th

I was mostly concerned with getting my project for my Expanded Media class finished. For a while I was worried and that was because I didn’t know what to do for it. However, my brain decided to work with me and I managed to make some real progress on it. I spent most of the day just enjoying the calm before the storm.

I even took the responsibility to stay behind late and finish as much of my Metals I project as possible. To be honest, I got very far on it! I was quite worried about it though because it was the kind of project where a single screw up would set me back far enough where I couldn’t recover. Needless to say, I was extremely cautious when proceeding with it. The reason being that I didn’t have the luxury of having Beverley, my professor, stand over my shoulder to correct my mistakes.

I don’t remember anything specifically important happening. It was pretty much just another day in my life. Although, my phone charger did manage to break which means I spent the rest of my week only taking important phone calls and text messages. Anything even remotely recreational I don’t bother with.

Tuesday, April 26th

I show up to Metals I at 8 AM. I get not a whole lot done but I definitely make progress. I take my time with each step for my project. I manage to put together the main body of my project and all I have left is the second half, which was a lot more intricate but smaller. I realize that I would need to come back later that day to continue working on it.

Then I go to Intermediate Photo. We start our final critique for the class. To me, it’s boring but I still provide great feedback and discussion (because that’s what you should do out of respect. We were all there to get better anyway.) I enjoyed a few of my classmates’ projects but the others fall wayside. I present my work and it goes over well.

Then I go to Studio Photo. We start our final critique in there too. However, I don’t present my work that day. I just provide discussion and it’s powerful stuff. That class has always been particularly wonderful to be in. I can’t even deny (and I won’t.) I do turn in my work and it’s held with Burt, my professor, until I present.

At this point, the day is over academically. Now, I spend the rest of my time working on my final projects. I go back to the digital lab and finish my Expanded Media project. After I finish finalizing it, I stick around to hang with my photo major acquaintances (some of which who are my friends.) I was doing so to put off having to go to Metals and work because I wasn’t in the mood.

I suck up my priorities and go to the Metals studio around 8 PM. It’s packed and I get in where I can fit. I’m there, working on my project diligently until about 3:30 AM. Horribly enough, somewhere along the way in my time there, my tools get misplaced (or stolen, not sure which) and someone’s laptop is stolen. At a time like this, these kinds of things are extra stress that no one needs.

After I finish, because it is pouring rain outside and it’s the dead of morning/night, I can’t go home. I stay overnight in the art building and sleep on the single couch on the 4th floor for a few hours until I can catch the earliest morning bus to get home. I still don’t have a replacement charger and my battery is at 18% when I wake up (mind you it had been on “Low Power Mode” and “Airplane Mode” all day.)

Wednesday, April 27th

I catch the morning bus to get home from staying overnight at school. It’s about 8 AM when I finally make it home. I come home and collapse immediately. I do, however, manage to eat a meal before getting some “real” sleep; tacos (not the breakfast kind) to be exact. I feel much better after eating.

I sleep for a few more hours and wake up in time to quickly do a surface cleaning to make myself somewhat presentable for the day. I only manage to get some of the funk off of me and change clothes. No time for an actual shower.

I then book it on back to school to show up to my last lecture class for Issues in Contemporary Art class. We have a wonderful discussion (which kind of was blown out of proportion at some parts with speculation.) Still, I only manage to enjoy what presentations my classmates provided and engage in the discussion.

Then I go to Expanded Media. We start our final critique for the class. The work presented was wonderful, even though lots of feedback on how to make it better was given. I present my work, feeling both anxious and excited. My classmates respond well to my work and so does Liz, my professor. We make it through half of the class and leave the other half for next class.

Afterwards, two friends and I go to get smoothies. I considered it a treat to be treated with such a treat; I hadn’t had a smoothie in probably almost a year (I think?) We spend some time just talking about things to take our mind off of our work (consider this a break.) Then, we all part ways to get back to our work.

I go home very quickly to drop off any unnecessary luggage. I take a quick 2 hour nap and eat dinner before proceeding to head back to school. I knew that I was probably not going to be able to go home tonight.

I went straight back to the Metals studio. It’s not as packed in their as on Tuesday night. I’m working on my project to put the finishing touches on it as fast as possible, but with extreme caution. I have no room for error at this point.

Chandler and I (she’s in my class and a dear friend) end up staying in the studioย all night to finish our stuff. I mean, literally, all night. We don’t go home and we even convince John (the studio monitor for the night) to stay past close just for us. He did it mostly for Chandler. There was no way she was going to hand in a completed project. She was only getting as far as she could.

In the process, we talk a lot about life. Well, Chandler does anyway. I’m sure she needed to vent. I was becoming delirious and everything became really funny by about 7 AM. At some point, I’m both helping her finish her project and untangling her beautiful hair from a sanding machine. Luckily she’s not hurt but her hair is in need of a trim unfortunately. Still, Chandler even takes the heroic task of getting everyone Whataburger for “breakfast” (or a midnight snack as she put it.)

I spent so much time put as many finishing touches on my project as possible. It didn’t meet my ideal standard of the original idea but I did what I could. Still, it came out really well and I’m quite happy with it.


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