Thoughts From The 2nd Of May (2016)

Hello Wonderful Listeners.

How should I recount the last couple of days? Well, I don’t know. I suppose I should jump right in. I apologize in advance if I don’t sound as thrilled as usual. :/

Anyway, I had another art show I was on Sunday that was hosted by PAAC (the Pan African Action Committee). It was a small show at a local coffee house and honestly, it was an amazing experience. See, I was originally going to go drop off my work and then go see my roommate PJ’s opera performance but our times didn’t line-up. 😦

So I stayed. And as much as I was bummed for missing his performance, I was happy with what I was given as a second option. I met some really cool people at the show! The show was incredibly small and, get this, it was for Black artists only. If that wasn’t a cakewalk calling my name…

I even had a few people wish to contact me for the future. One of them was a gallery coordinator who was interested in putting together a bigger show of Black artists’ artwork. He took down my contact information and told me he’d be in touch. Needless to say, I was excited about that possible opportunity.

Outside of that, I even had a viewer of my work ask for my explanation of it. Now, that was quite enjoyable. Seeing as how I had already done so for my final, I could do it again (without the waterworks.) To explain my work in such an honest and professional manner, where the viewer was truly interested in my words, felt awesome! 😀

I even managed to make fast friends with the other Black artists who were there. Honestly, it was refreshing to make some friends who were of my own race. I have little to no Black friends to call my own so forming relationships with other African-Americans was, well, inviting. I plan to keep in touch with them in this coming school year.

After the show ended, I went to my last shift for my lab monitor position for this semester. Most likely, I will pick it back up during the upcoming school year too. That shift was, well, dry. Laid back. Nothing eventful happened.

I will say though, I had nice conversation with Ben, my co-monitor, about his artwork and style. After learning a bit more about him, I became intrigued with his interests and his work. They started to mean something to me. I do hope I’ll stay in touch with him as well.

That was Sunday. Today, well, nothing exciting happened either. The only thing that floated my boat was that I went to another art show, as a spectator this time. 🙂 There was free food (and I’m all about free food) and the artwork was incredible. I loved it.

I also took my very last exam (which I didn’t study for 😛 ) and I’m pretty sure I passed with a high B. Honestly, it wasn’t hard. And it was cumulative so… yeah.

Alright. Well, that’s that. I don’t have much else to say. I’ll see you guys later. Cheers!

P.S. I’m a little down today because I wanted to help PJ out because he’s feeling down. Let’s just say he’s got one more shot at something important or he’ll really be out of luck next year. I want to cheer him up but I don’t know how. These feelings leaked into my words. Just thought you should know.

What did you do with your Sunday? Do you have many friends of your own race? Leave all your thoughts below!


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