Under New Management For The Better!

Hi Wonderful Listeners.

Hmm. Have you all been good? I do hope you’ve been good. I know I sure have been good; well, I at least feel like my life has significantly changed in a good way. I’m thankful for all that has happened anyway.

Sorry. I’m a bit distracted. What I wanted to come and talk about what how my day went yesterday but I think I’ll combine the events of the day with the things that have improved in my life. Yeah. Let’s just do both.

Starting with my day (and you’ll see how one topic leads into another.) My day actually began at midnight technically because I was up all night. Seriously, no joke. Thing was, I was up because I fell asleep too early and then couldn’t go back to sleep. (I hate doing this though.)

Well, I spent most of my time being up and looking over writing, literature techniques, etc. After finishing my biggest writing project to date, Two Sides of the Same Coin, I got truly inspired to study up on the craft of writing. I was not only interested in poetry (as I’ve always been) but also storytelling techniques and such.

I literally was up until 4:00 AM just looking up genres, successful examples of them, and it made me want to write more. I really want to do that over the summer as much as I can, on top of being artistically active as a visual artist. I’m excited work my creative talents.

But after my complete delve into a research craze on writing and literature, I spent the rest of the morning watching inspiring TEDx Talks until 7:00 AM when I had to leave my apartment. Seriously, I think I made some progress as a person just watching those uplifting and enlightening speeches. As I’ve said before, they are the best waste of your time ever! (And truth be told, they’re not a waste.)

Once 7:00 AM rolled around, I got up and got dressed. Then I rolled out the house and headed to the art building on campus (where I have lived so many hours of my life.) I had no academic concerns to worry about. I was actually only there to help the Photography department pack up and move all of its stuff out of the building and into the newly renovated building just for it called Sabinal.

Now, I didn’t have to do this but I figured since I hadn’t left town to go back to my own hometown that I’d make good use of time and use it to help the Photo department out. After all, it is something I should care about (and I do.)

I was there for a long time though. Seriously. I got there at 8 AM (I was the first volunteer to show up) and we were moving and packing all types of tools and doo-dads for hours. It was really boring to be honest. :/ However, it didn’t feel so bad once everyone showed up at 9 AM.

We packed until about 10:30 AM and then just chilled out. honestly, the Photo department was taking only what it needed and everything else would be provided in the new building. Lots of us were actually dodging a certain woman’s presence because she tried to pack up every, single, thingNo one was into that idea and we knew we didn’t need to be.

But all went well. We took a break at around 11 AM when Barry, the head of the department, ordered lunch for everyone who helped out. We got pizza and it was awesome of course. Over lunch, lots of us were talking about Sabinal’s face-lift and what it might look like. Well, we didn’t wait too long to have out questions answered.

Right after lunch, Barry made everyone go to the new building to help with unloading some of the stuff that was packed up. And I gotta say, the new building looks A-MAZ-ING!! Seriously, like, it was a dream come true (even though it’s not fully finished being built.

There were many things that I was geeking out over, along with everyone else. We were excited about what was to come in the future! 🙂 I can’t really explain it without something to show you (which I don’t have) so just trust my word when I say that it was incredibly nice.

After that, we headed back to the art building to finish packing away the last of the stuff. Then we all were thanked by Barry (who is awesome by the way) and we left to go about our day.

At this point, I’m tired. I haven’t slept in a decent amount of hours. But I still had a few things to do. I brought along my final project from Intermediate Photography because I promised some people I would show it to them. I met up with them and let them review it and they were happy for my efforts, to say the least.

Now, the time was about 4:30 PM. I was ready to go home and nap but I didn’t. I knew that there would be one more thesis exhibition left for the year and it was opening at 5 PM. I decided to stay until that time even though I just wanted to go home. I napped for like 15 minutes on an uncomfortable bench until the show opened.

I woke up and then went to the show. Honestly, the show was fantastic! I loved it. The art was incredibly stunning and beautiful; there was even performance art at this show which was A-MAZ-ING!! I was happy to have stuck around.

I even stuck around long enough to talk with Liz Rodda (my Expanded Media professor) and Jennifer Stob (my Contemporary Art History.) I was curious to know what Liz thought of the performance and she herself was happy with it. I also just wanted to catch up with Jennifer because she’s amazing to have a conversation with, as long as you’re ready to dive deep out of nowhere.

What we talked about wasn’t really all that important but they did inform me of some things I’d want to keep my eyes out for. They told me that if I keep going at the pace I’m going that I could take the school (or at least the art department) by storm. Not to toot my own horn, but I definitely could if I was interested enough to be Queen Bee. If.

Although, those last words of the conversation got me to thinking about how far I had come in a single school year. I mean, I really have come a long way. This time last year, I wasn’t even close to, remotely, to where I am now. I mean, now I’m in a position to discuss art in any facet and make it with a punch to pack! I am a powerhouse! 😀


8 thoughts on “Under New Management For The Better!

    1. Pictures are hard to come by sometimes. I’m slowly incorporating them more and more though.
      My sleep has recovered however! Thankfully I can de-stress now that school is out for the summer! ✌🏾️


  1. Bravo. Congrats. Good for you. Alrighty then! If you can see a change from a year ago, and it’s the change you were hoping to see, pat yourself on the back two times. I’ve stayed up all night many times reading and watching. It’s what you’re reading and watching that counts, especially since your in the zone. I don’t know you at all, and I’m proud of you. I know how super fantastic it feels to accomplish something. Glad you do too!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jen,
      Thank you so much. Honestly, the work and progress is reward enough itself. Thank you for reading.
      Since I haven’t seen you around here before, I do hope you’ll stick around to browse my realm. Thanks for at least stopping by. Your visit is much appreciated! 🙂


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