As A Blind Man Typeth…

Hi Wonderful Listeners!

So I just came back from my optician appointment. You know, it wasn’t anything spectacular to look forward to but it was an errand I needed to complete. Well, I don’t think I’ve told you about my optician before so let me take you on that journey.

My appointment was scheduled for 11 AM. I showed up at 10:45 AM because that’s how I roll. I greet the (new) secretary at the front desk and fill out a few forms. Nothing unusual. Afterwards, I seat myself in the waiting area.

I took some time to read a few blog posts. The readings kept me entertained as usual. Still, I couldn’t help but get sidetracked at all of the noise around me. I noticed that there were a large number of people in the office this time. I could be that many people had an appointment today or were signing on to my particular optician. I don’t know but what I do know is that the office felt a bit packed.

The office was busy. I do like how open it is though. Lovely scenery.

Interestingly, I did see someone in the waiting area that I recognized from high school. We were never close so I didn’t bother to speak to her. She was with her family and they were speaking a different language anyway. I’m sure she didn’t even recognize who I was.
Anyway, after some time, they called me back to the pre-screening rooms. I went through those necessary yet awful tests: the hot air balloon in the distance, pressure check, blind spots, distance reading, etc. You know, in the past I enjoyed them because I thought of the tests as games but I was also like ten years old. I’ve always enjoyed going to the doctor though.

Then I was seated in the examination room. My father was there with me (we rode up there together but he went in before I did.) Since I had to go after him, I got to notice how we acts. You know, he’s a very charismatic person around other people. He smiles a lot and, I don’t know, seems full of joy around other people. Guess that the apple really doesn’t fall far.

Anyway, I was next after him. My optician did his usual exam. I passed with flying colors. Yay! But I he also needed to check my retinas. Well, I had to have my eyes dilated for that. Boy, I tell ya, dilation is a weird feeling.

You can feel your eyes stinging as they put those drops in them and then they just kinda tingle until they stop. Needless to say, I could barely see anything at close distance. I can actually hardly see anything now. Seriously, I’m typing this post up half-blind; all the words are jumbled and blurry, even my keyboard. But I’m very familiar with the keyboard so I trust my skills as a typist.

Anyway, there was a weird burning sensation I felt when he had to manually examine my retinas. The light, although dim, was extremely bright and I felt like my eyes were going to melt out of my sockets. Just goop right onto the floor. But I bore with it. I was even legitimately blind for a few seconds.

Then the exam was all finished and I could go home. Of course, since my eyes were dilated, I had to get some cool sunglasses to prevent my eyes from actually going blind and melting out of my skull.

Look at my glasses. Honestly it was super bright outside even though it was cloudy.

Then I made my way on home. But that concludes that little adventure. Nothing too special but I figured why not tell you about it while the thought is fresh and I still can’t see clearly. Hope you enjoyed the snippet!

Until next time, cheers! See you when I see you. Literally.

Do you like going to the eye doctor? Have you ever had your eyes dilated before? Leave all your thoughts below!


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