Thoughts From The 22nd Of May (2016)

Hey there Wonderful Listeners!

Yesterday was an interesting day that I enjoyed. I will go ahead and say that now. And rather than pumping you up with a whole bunch of ramble, I’ll just get right to what happened, OK?

So I think I woke up at like 2 PM yesterday (I know, I slept in.) I’m not really sure if it was slightly earlier or later but I’ll just put it around there because I remember rolling over and seeing a 2 in the hour position on my phone when I opened my eyes.

Anyway, right after I got up and whatnot, I sat down a did a little bit of reading? No, wait. I’m getting my days mixed up! Oh boy… Well, I know for sure that I went out and shot some film photography. I do know that much.

Now, I know that I haven’t really shown you guys exactly what my work looks like, except for my work from Photo101 and a few posts here and there and over here too. And that is with good reason so please don’t get me wrong.

Sidenote: I’m trying to save up to buy a domain and create a website for my work. And being broke really dampens that effort so I’m behind but I have plans. Also, you’ll get to see my stuff here on this blog, but it will not be (for my own protection) in full resolution quality. That sort of exquisite treatment is for my livelihood. I’ll drop some more work soon in a new feature I’m still working on. Promise to keep you updated.

But let me tell you, going out to shoot was wondrous. Absolutely invigorating and refreshing. See, I went out with my film camera because I L-O-V-E film photography so much! Honestly, the analog, hands-on interaction is what makes it super appealing. Regardless, I took my 35mm Nikon-S (truly wish I had a Leica instead but, dreams take time to make true!) and I went out and shot some nature photography.

My beautiful Nikon-S. I love this thing. I don’t know if I could get rid of it to be honest. I have a special connection to it.

Now “nature photography” is a really broad category but I suppose to narrow it down I was focused on mostly plant life. I have this really old (and I do mean old) connection to nature photography. I’ll go into more detail about it an a later post. 😉 But I decided to focus on nature again, for the first time in a very long time.

When I went away to school, my views shifted. I went from photographing lots of nature to photographing people, abstract concepts, and the non-objective. It was a huge shift for me! But I’ve ridden that train and it’s led me to some amazing areas! In fact, some of my best work ever came out of this train ride. Don’t worry, I’m still riding it but at this very moment in time, I’ve stepped onto another train that follows a different route.

Where was I? Oh yeah! So I went out and I spent about roughly three hours in the wooded area near my parents’ house, just taking pictures. I wish I could show you what they looked like but I don’t even know what they look like. 😛 In fact, I won’t know until a few months from now anyway. Remind me and I’ll try to give you a sneak peek. 😉

Let me tell you, being out there, alone, in my own head and in the zone, I just got lost. I got lost in the best way possible. Time stopped existing. I was one with the wind, the insects, the sunlight, the trees, the plants (the many, many plants.) I was completely in my own little world. 🙂 There’s a happy place in the eye of a camera for me. Always has been.

OK. I’m really getting sidetracked. Back to my day! After finishing the shoot, I went home. I luckily wasn’t bitten to death by mosquitoes but I traded that in for allergic reactions to grasses. It wasn’t as bad as the mosquitoes though. Not by a long shot.

I was also very stinky and sweaty when I came back home. I had been out in the Texas sun for three hours minimum, in comfortable clothing, in like 85º weather on a partly cloudy day after it had rained for the past week. Yeah. I was a gross mess. Though I didn’t get to really wash up as I wanted to. The reason was because when I came back, my little sister (I call her LS) and my big sister (I call her BS) wanted to go out and get some food. It was like 8 PM at this point.

Well, we decided to go to Taco Cabana. Honestly, it’s cheap “Mexican” (I put that in quotations for a reason) food and I was hungry. So we arrive there and oh boy, the fever was waiting for us inside! (By the “fever”, I mean an annoyance.)

We walk inside (mind you I’m still in my sweaty clothes but don’t worry, I douse myself in cologne) and we order our food. The lady at the register was nice enough. No problems with her although I could tell she was ready for her shift to be over. We order and then we go sit down and wait for our food.

In that time, I’m goofing around with my little sister as we wait, just doing the little things that we do. Mostly, we were throwing shade (that means just kind of “making fun of” in this case) at one of the employees who was making our food. Taco Cabana has it where you can see in the kitchen while waiting on your order.

This particular individual looked very much so done with life. He looked like he didn’t care to be at work. And that translated to our order. You know, he brought us our order but half of the stuff in the bag was very, well, thrown in there! Queso was spilling out of the container, they gypped us on rice, they barely had any veggies for our fajitas and even completely forgot two (not one but two) of our entreés. Needless to say, we were not happy.

So we go back up there and politely ask them to bring us our other two entreés and to give us some more veggies and rice. The gentleman apparently thought it was OK to look at us like we asked him to give us his will. Then he scoffed under his breath (yeah, we heard you dude) and got us our stuff. He got the entreés right but then the veggies…Oh! Well, with how much he put in the separate container, he might as well not have given us any at all!

We kindly to our food, and just left. We could’ve raised hell (and trust me, we surely can considering my parents’ backgrounds) but we didn’t. We took our spit-free food and took it home. My big sister later called in to complain about the service because they gave us the three P’s: Poor food, Poor service, and Poor attitude. Yeah, we decided to be civil about the situation.

This actually got us into a conversation about getting what you paid for and diligence in life. Basically, it amounts to this: I paid for x so I’m going to get x, not y. If you attempt to give me x again, but bring me back z instead, then I’m going to be frustrated because you’ve screwed up twice now. I’m not trying to aggravate you Mr.Employee, I’m just trying to get what it is that I paid for and if you don’t give it to me, then I’m going to raise hell.

Anyway, we got home after an hour of being away. Yeah, we were there for an hour, when it should have been 20 minutes max! I eat my food and I kindly thank my little sister who paid for it. She’s sweet to me like that.  😉

Then I remember that I agreed to meet up with my friends around this time because my friend Victor (you know the one from this post) wanted a guys’ night. So I quickly doused myself in cologne again (because I didn’t have time to get to change) and head out the door. My friend Bryan picks me up.

On the way over to Victor’s place, Bryan decided it would be fun to test out Roland’s (another mutual friend) theory on which of two ways is faster to reach Victor’s place. Well, the end result was that the original way suggested by Bryan was the fastest. That’s just the stupid little stuff we do in the car while going to places. Then we finally get there.


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