Trouble In Padre-dise: Day 1 At South Padre

Hello Wonderful Listeners.

Right off the bat, my day was stressful. Let’s nip that in the bud right now. What do I mean, well, I’ll need a large amount of your time to explain so let’s get started, OK?

My day today was fun. It’s supposed to be fun. I mean, I was going on vacation with my sisters, little sister’s boyfriend, and my nephew. I was invited to go along for free! Everyone else who could pay, had to. The reason I got out of it was because my family knows that I have absolutely NOย money to my name. So, this was considered a treat.

Well, we started off at 7:30 AM. We had our bags packed and while our schedule said to leave at 8 AM, we left at about 8:30 AM. We tend to be a little late on things so this was no surprise.

We headed out and our destination was South Padre, Texas! I had never been to South Padre before but I have experience North Padre. Well, South Padre is really beautiful but before I get to that, let me touch base on the road trip there.

Our trip started from my parents’ house in San Antonio. Everyone, except my big sister, slept there so she just drove over in the morning to pick us all up. We left the house and we were all hungry and didn’t have time to really cook breakfast so we stopped at McDonald’s.

Now… How to put this politely? Our experience at the McDonald’s we went to was quite dissatisfactory (utterly disgraceful!) and none of us were happy campers. See, we just wanted to pick up some breakfast food off of their menu. We ordered 3 Southern Chicken Biscuits, 1 Egg McMuffin and 1 Bacon, Egg, and Cheese McMuffin. Everyone ordered the same drink (apple juice) expect for my nephew who wanted orange juice; my big sister also ordered a coffee.

Well, the lady who took our order was slightly rude over the intercom. She took our order but was rushing us about it without actually saying hurry up. That was strike #1. Well, we pay for our food and then at the next window, they tell us that they will carry it out to us. That’s fine. We get our food and, wouldn’t you know it, they messed up our order.

However, let me break this down for you so you understand:

  • They gave us all of our food, but the Egg McMuffin had cheese when we asked them to remove it.
  • They forgot each and every single drink, except for the orange juice.
  • They didn’t give us straws for our drinks (which of course weren’t there.)
  • They haphazardly threw our food in the bag so half of it was out of the wrapper.
  • We looked at the receipt and noticed that they added an additional cost to our drinks (which were mostly juices by the way) for our meals when normally the drinks are included in the priceย regardless of what drink you get.

Now, we were quick to notice this because we checked our food before we drove off. My parents taught me that lesson very early on in life. Well, both my sisters wereย livid (to put it lightly.) They went back inside of the establishment and ended up coming back with our order correct. Well…almost. Apparently they had no other juice besides orange juice so we couldn’t get apple juice even if we wanted it.

I know my sisters very well and I’m sure they probably asked politely the first time for them to correct their order. But they told me they ended up going off on the employees because they all had attitude. By going off, they probably cussed them all out and demanded to see a manager. In fact, the manager did come by and I don’t know what happened between them but apparently the manager wasn’t too nice either. But, we got our stuff. We had to settle for soft drinks instead of juice. :/

After that annoying setback, we get back on the road. For the next 4 hours, I was trapped in a single position, hardly able to move. (Well, we did stop at a gas station to fill up on gas but nothing more.)

I look happy now but little did I know that I would have leg cramping later! ๐Ÿ˜›

Anyway, we all ended up jamming out to multiple hits from our collective music collections. We jammed out to Blues, R&B, Pop, Hip-Hop, Rap, Latin, and the infamous “White Girl Jams.”

(In case you’re wondering, “White Girl Jams” is a term lots of young females in my family use to refer to music made by female Caucasian singers. In this way, I believe they just want to point out that they are aware that listening to that type of music doesn’t fit with any stereotype of what Black women “should” be listening to. But they still love the music.)

Honestly it was a fun time. I even got quite animated, I won’t even lie. Granted, I couldn’t really move but still, I managed to do a few dance moves. Half the time, if I wasn’t signing my lungs out, I was dancing and if I wasn’t dancing, I was thinking about whatever. I did drift off into deep thinking space a few times but I honestly couldn’t stop jamming out to the tunes.

An example of what I was thinking about: where can I get a cool car like that?!

See, my sisters are very good at keeping the hype going on a road trip. After all, this isn’t the first time we’ve been to the Padre area. Actually, last time we went to the Padre area, it was North Padre, with this same group minus Lance (my little sister’s boyfriend.) That trip was just as fun, and probably more fun than this one (so far.)

Well, I did manage to begin feeling tired at some point in the car. My family dog, Sasha, ended up in my lap for the last half of the trip there. (Oh yeah, we brought our dog along too! She never been outside of San Antonio! ๐Ÿ˜€ ) She was so cute but seeing her so lacking in energy, I just couldn’t help but realize how old she is. I mean, she’s 14 in human years. She’s old guys.

Well, we still managed to look good in a few photos together.

Aww! She loves me! ๐Ÿ™‚
And now she’s being rude and making faces. Silly dog. ๐Ÿ˜›

By the time I was just about to fall asleep, we made it into the Padre area!

It’s official guys! Welcome to South Padre! ๐Ÿ˜€

I woke right back up and didn’t need to rest it felt. I actually took a picture of the traffic on the way from North to South Padre. It was kind of awful to be honest but we made it.

I barely made it guys. Seriously…

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