Trouble In Padre-dise: Day 1 At South Padre

After that fuss, which gave me more stress, we all went back to the beach. The sun was setting at this point and boy I kept wishing I had some color positive 35mm film for my camera! It was gorgeous out there! Pure photographic bliss! 🙂

But as I was saying, we all went back to the beach and my big sister took Sasha along too. Sasha has never been to the beach (which is what South Padre is) so she had a lot of new experiences. She wasn’t too fond of them, let’s just say that. 😆

Meanwhile, while my big sister is playing with Sasha, Lance, my little sister, my nephew and I were in the water. Damn it was cold! I mean, I was freezing playing in there. But it was fun. I enjoy being out in the water and it’s just a matter of adjusting.

A scary thing happened though! My nephew almost drowned in the ocean! 😯 See, he was playing with his water guns, having a play-fight with Lance (he’s really fond of him) and so I wasn’t paying attention. My little sister was trying to adjust to the water temperature because she’s fragile (sort of 😛 ) so she wasn’t watching either.

But apparently, at some point, we all looked away from my nephew and Lance was the only one to see him drowning. I don’t know what happened exactly but I’m glad that Lance was there to save him. From my point of view, when this happened and Lance had saved my nephew, I had lost sight of the three of them! I had no idea where they went.

Then I saw them all walking towards me and my big sister, and Lance was carrying my nephew. I was a bit boggled by it but I just let it be. Then he told me what happened. I wasn’t in shock but I wasn’t numb either. I was just kind of like, “oh that happened.” I know that sounds heartless but I really didn’t feel scared.

I attribute part of this feeling to the fact that my nephew didn’t seem phased by the fact that he almost drowned. So he continued to play the rest of the day as if he didn’t almost die. The whole time he was playing, I kept thinking to myself, “Why don’t I feel more distressed?” I still don’t have an answer. But I am glad he’s alive. Honest to all that is holy.

Then the night set in. We were all getting hungry so my big sister began planning what we would eat for dinner. Well, we ended up getting pizza but the story of how that came to be was not necessarily pretty.

You see, because it was nighttime and we were on vacation, my big sister wanted to have a few drinks. Well, she definitely got inebriated but just in time to cause havoc while trying to get dinner for all of us too eat.

Honestly, she had been having small drinks throughout the day but she didn’t get really tipsy. Well, she was definitely tipsy by 10:00 PM. We knew what we were going to get so I went with her just to make sure that no true heartbreak occurred.

Well, thank God I did. If I weren’t in the car, she might be dead right now, or at least in an accident. Luckily, everyone else was our hotel room while her and I ran out to get the food. The place was like 3 minutes away so it wasn’t meant to take long. Seeing her in that state of drunkenness really made me glad I don’t drink. She had absolutely no wits about her.

Well, thankfully, she didn’t kill me driving 2 miles down the road. Then we get to the pizza place; it was called Gabriella’s. Honestly, that place was really inviting. I liked being in there and their food is delicious! I highly recommend them!

I mean, it’s gorgeous in here. So vintage and rustic! I love it. 🙂

But let me tell you how ordering our food went.

So since my sister was obviously a drunk mess, she couldn’t do much coherently so I stepped up and did most of everything for her. I helped place the order because she was tripping over her words, I talked to Liz who took our order to make sure everything was right, and I kept everything covered up. I couldn’t let my sister make a complete fool of herself in public.

Well, that went successfully. I picked up the food and headed out the door and got back into the car. I let my sister drive me back but I was literally a split-decision away from stopping the car and putting her into the passenger seat. I was slightly afraid I was gonna die and I was irritated with her. She got drunk right before she knew she would have to go drive! (Why sister? Why?) Seriously, I almost cussed her out and forced her to stop driving. Thankfully, we were in God’s graces so I didn’t have to.

After we managed to get back to the hotel, I walk the food up and I barely talk to her because she’s a mess and I’m mad. So I’m stewing in my own juices but I cool down. It’s just when I get irritated, like really irritated, I become an absolute jackass. I am cold and heartless with people (even if they didn’t do anything wrong. I rarely let myself get to that point.)

But, thankfully, the day ended with everything working out. We are all alive and managed to sleep to live another day. We are all trying to find the good things about this trip but this is only day 1. Who knows what will happen tomorrow? I can only guess…

That’s all for now. I can’t really say much anymore because I’m just done and tired and trying not to be a sourpuss. So I’m going to sleep now. Good night.

Until next time, cheers.

What crazy things have happened to you on vacation/holiday? Have you ever experience horrible hotel service? Leave all your thoughts below.

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