It Was Just Getting Started: Days 2 & 3 At South Padre

Greetings Wonderful Listeners!

Hopefully you caught the first part of this story a few days ago! If not, you can go read it here. Otherwise, I’m going to finish it in this post! I hope you are ready for quite the read! 🙂

Day 2

Well, day 2 begins at about 8:30 AM. I got woken up by a call from my big sister asking what I wanted for breakfast. Well, because she had woken me out of my sleep, I was a bit out-of-it but I played it off smooth. Well, she asked me and then I had to obviously ask what everyone else wanted too. We ended up getting McDonald’s (again) and Whataburger.

Being up and waiting for her to return with our food, my little sister, Lance and I couldn’t help but to turn on the TV and try to find some decent cartoons to watch. The only acceptable show that was on that we were interested in was Teen Titans Go! which is an OK show.

I grew up watching the original Teen Titans on Cartoon Network so this spin-off show wasn’t quite what I wanted. But, again, it was the only show on that we would put up with watching. My little sister is the same way and so is her boyfriend. My nephew at this point was busy playing on his Kindle.

At some point, we switched over to watching Disney Channel and we were surprised to know that they were playing all 100 Disney original movies in a marathon manner! I was super excited! I remember growing up and watching The Luck of the IrishThe Thirteenth Year, and The Other Me, just to name a few. I still actually really enjoy watching those cheesy 90’s films, probably because of the nostalgia. I dunno. 🙂

Well, eventually, my big sister came back with our food. It was good for cheap, fast food breakfast. I mean, it wasn’t going to give me the 7 essential vitamins and nutrients that I need. Funny thing though, once again, McDonald’s was giving her attitude! I swear, that kind of thing is just one of the many reasons I don’t like getting fast food. But, once again, we still got our food.

Well, we ate and then we ended up lounging about in the room for like the next I don’t know how many hours. My little sister and Lance were cuddling, rather cutely I might add (I’m somewhat jealous), and the rest of us just kind of fell asleep and took a nap.

Even Sasha was being a lazybones!

We woke up at like 12:45 PM and decided that we needed to start our day already.

Well, we got up, changed into our swimming gear and we all started to head down to the beach. I took my film camera with me again to shoot more 35mm. I did that for most of my time at the beach actually. I couldn’t help myself. There’s always so much to be shooting all the time!

I ended up taking lots of macro shots of things stuck in the sand, like shells, driftwood, plants and vines, rocks, etc. I even took a few shots of some beach toys that were lying about. I had a wonderful time.

These little treasures were being made into art! How exciting! 😀

Once I finished, I went back to where our group had left our stuff in the sand.

Me and my little sister. My big sister is being blocked by my massive head…

My big sister was there and she took the opportunity to bring Sasha, our dog, to the beach this time. Instead of leaving her locked up in the room while we went to go play, she brought her along so she could experience the beach.

Well, Sasha was not a fan. Seriously, she ended up staying away from the water hardly walking in the sand. She just wanted to chill instead. But my sister though thought it would be good to get her to experience the water anyway. Sasha ended up scratching my big sister in the neck trying to avoid the water. Don’t worry, it wasn’t deep.

Well, it also turns out that my nephew really didn’t want to get back in the ocean again. He was afraid of drowning. Of course, I don’t blame him. He almost did drown but I had to try to convince him to play in the water still. He’s hesitant at this point so we may have a long way to go to get him to love the ocean again. (He used to love being in the ocean. That’s where he always had the most fun.)

Me, well, I was done shooting so I took my camera back up to our hotel room. I put it away and then I ran into my little sister. She was relaxing in the room for a little while. I don’t know why but she was. I figured since I was up here that I might relax a little too. After all, I was sweaty from the hot sun and sand.

We both left together feeling at peace and then we decided to go to back to the beach. My big sister asked us if we could take Sasha back up to the room since she didn’t want to be at the beach. My little sister said yes and took her back up. I went to the pool to relax instead.

By the time I got over there, Lance and my little sister were in the hot tub. Man, that hot tub never felt so good actually. I felt like jelly. Like, I had started to lose feeling my limbs because they were so relaxed. It’s funny how I didn’t notice it yesterday.

Then I moved to the warm pool (I had no idea why that part of the pool was warmer than the other). Well, I’m sure I lost feeling in my limbs too. The warm pool was almost body temperature so it felt like being in one of those tanks where you lose your sensory perceptions. It was weird.

I spent a lot of my time there just chilling. It was a really relaxing day. At some point, I got out though. I think it was around like 7 o’clock or something. I was just done for the day. I got out and everyone reconvened at the room. I came in, took a shower to get all the dirt off of me from the day, and then went and sat down in my bed (cot really.)

That’s the last thing I remember of that day because I fell asleep! Whoops! Apparently, my big sister went out to grab food but I didn’t have any because I fell asleep. Actually, everyone was asleep by the time she got back so hardly anyone ate really. But it had been a longer day than I had anticipated I guess. 😛

7 thoughts on “It Was Just Getting Started: Days 2 & 3 At South Padre

  1. Sounds like a really nice day 🙂 How thoughtful for big sister to be making sure everyone’s adequately nourished 🙂 I hope the scratch heals quickly and well.

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