It Was Just Getting Started: Days 2 & 3 At South Padre

Day 3

Now, our last day started off early. We got up at 8:30 AM again, and we decided to go ahead and cash in our breakfast vouchers. We all went downstairs and ate breakfast at the buffet.

The food was absolutely delicious! Honestly, it was probably the best experience we had at hotel thus far. I got my grub on and I may have overindulged again. Whatever, I was on vacation and breakfast was free. Yeah, I’m gonna eat to my heart’s content.

It looks absolutely divine! It was delicious to be honest. A Belgium waffle with whip cream and sprinkled pecans, pancakes, melon slices, an omelette, and bacon with potatoes on the side.
My finished meal is a work of art! 😛

Anyway, after breakfast, we all went back up to the room and started packing our stuff together. We needed to check out of the hotel by 1:00 PM so we had to move. We finished eating breakfast at like 10:00 AM. We did decide, after rounding everything up, to go back to the pool at least and get in one last time before we left.

Forgot to mention that we saw a cruise ship from our balcony! Where can I sign up for that?!

We did just that. It was great. We knew we weren’t gonna have lots of time to stay in there so we just relaxed without really doing anything. I don’t know, it was just lazy. But that’s what a vacation is supposed to feel like at certain points, laziness.

Well, the time to go came sooner than expected so we had to clean up really quick and get to the car. We did try to plan to check-out of the hotel at 1:00 PM and then just drive to the beach and enjoy our time there before actually going back home to San Antonio.

However, a storm decided to approach South Padre and we figured, eh, we’re already packed to go home, let’s just go. We didn’t want to risk being caught in the awful storm. Thank goodness we did leave! The rains came down! 😯

We also had plans to go to a border town near Mexico and pick up some authentic Mexican tacos but those plans were shot down too. The recommended business where we could get them quickly, had closed early so we couldn’t go. :/

But that just meant that we would get home much sooner than expected. That was fine by me because I was ready to go home honestly. Everyone else felt like they didn’t really get to have a vacation because it was so short but that wasn’t me. I was just going with the flow of things, as I often do.

So we hit the road, all cramped in the car, and somewhat wet. We drove through part of the storm but missed most of it thankfully. And the car ride back was, well, long. Luckily, I fell asleep but then I had to keep my big sister awake who was driving, after I woke up. I kindly traded in relaxing in the backseat, with taking front passenger to help keep my sister from falling asleep.

It was really quiet on the way back though. We were all tired. Nothing like how the trip started out. But, it was still fine by me.

We did have to pass through border patrol on the way home. I’ve never been through border patrol so I was a bit nervous but there was nothing to worry about. You know they have to ask you all those questions through the car window and it just makes you uncomfortable. But, we were good to go after the questions!

We kept moving on and I just sat sort of empty-minded in the passenger seat. I kept looking at the road but not really thinking. I did snap a photo on the way home of some thing that caught my eye.

Don’t know why it was intriguing. It just was.

But, all in all, the ride home was just that, a ride home. Once we got home, I was kinda thrilled to be back. I could finally relax in my own bed again, and get back to what I was doing beforehand (which was enjoying my free time before forgoing it to adult responsibilities!)

Honestly, looking back on the trip, it was really enjoyable. We did have some terrible experiences with our hotel but the actual area of South Padre was quite fun! I can totally see why everyone likes going there. Still, I don’t know when I’ll be returning.

It did manage to come up in conversation that a complete family trip to the beach would nice in the future (one where my immediate family and surrounding family in Texas would gather, almost like a reunion of sorts.) Yeah, that would be fun for sure! But, that’s definitely a thought for another day. A thought for another time.


Well, that concludes my experience in South Padre. It was fun guys. I do hope you enjoyed reading about my experience. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go shake the excess water our of my ears, and the sand out of my shoes…

Until next time, cheers!

Would you take a family trip to the beach? If you were in my situation, what you do to enjoy your time? Leave all your thoughts below!

7 thoughts on “It Was Just Getting Started: Days 2 & 3 At South Padre

  1. Sounds like a really nice day 🙂 How thoughtful for big sister to be making sure everyone’s adequately nourished 🙂 I hope the scratch heals quickly and well.

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