Have A Nice Read! #7

Hello Wonderful Listeners!

It’s Friday once again. Guess what? πŸ™‚ I have some more fantastic reads for you to read. Yes, I’ve relapsed (I think it’s compulsive at this point or maybe habit?) and went out collecting great blog posts that you too should be reading!

Oh, well, don’t let my antics get in the way. Look at the list already! πŸ™‚

  1. Placed in the Middle
    • Well, I know I’ve definitely been caught between a rock and a hard place, especially concerning two friends. Well, I left my own advice in the comment section but, to sum it up, it’s hard to be a middleman. Go read the full article!
  2. I Cooked and Baked My Face And The Recipe Failed-F.M.L.!
    • Once again, I’m not even a fashion/make-up activist/observer/user/whatever but Catherine manages to capture me again! She did bake her face and it was, well, um… it needed a tweak to the recipe. Funny post. Great humor. Go read it!
  3. Celestial Escape
    • Love me a good poem. You might realize that at this point (unless you’re new to my blog [in which case HI!! πŸ˜€ ]) so don’t be surprised. I really like this one from Kelly because it’s universal. It appeals to all audiences I believe, and it touches on spiritual matters. It’s short. No reason to skip it! πŸ™‚ (Also, stars are awesome.)Β (All rights reserved toΒ Nurse Kelly andΒ nursekellyknows.com)
  4. Not eplaining myself
    • Y’know feelings are personal and everyone understands them. We all have them so should we be ashamed of them? Mon doesn’t need to “eplain” herself at all! She has feelings just like you do! So, go give her a nice smile from me (and you too of course!) because she deserves it.
  5. When Hopelessness Hits
    • Another poem. Memee (I love her), she just hits the spot, short and sweet. Hopelessness, well, she captured it very well in few words. Please, go read it. You might end up tacking the words to your wall. 😯

Well, yeah, there ya go. I collected them again. I wonder how long my brain will continue to do this? Will I ever be able to stop? I dunno. I guess we’ll find out in the future sometime! (Perhaps next Friday?)

See ya later! Until next time, cheers! πŸ˜€

6 thoughts on “Have A Nice Read! #7

  1. Carlos, wow! Thank you. I love you too! I have been super busy trying to adapt to having a job but my body feels like it’s breaking down and sometimes my mind is just so damn exhausted. Your comment is lovely and inspiring… hopefully I’ll get back into my blogging sooner rather than later. I’ve missed it!

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    1. Yes. Take your time getting back here to the blog-o-sphere. I like my friends to be fully rested when chatting with me πŸ™‚
      But having a job can be tough especially when it drains you of mental energy. Just keep what slivers of happiness you can. Treasure them. Take care ❀

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