50 Days At Artpace: Each Day Gets Easier (Week 2)

Wednesday, June 15th

I woke up as usual and was at the bus by 8AM. I got on and enjoyed the ride downtown. I always find it relaxing to just enjoy a ride to a destination, regardless of where it is.

Once I got off the bus, I headed over to Artpace. Like always, I got there early and Ray let me in. I went into my office and started working on San Antonio B-Cycle again. I was pretty sure that I could get the research done before the day was over and if I was lucky, schedule an interview too.

Well, I had another cup of tea and it was the same Salted Caramel tea that I had yesterday and it hit the spot once again. I got into my mode of researching away and whatnot.

Honestly, I was bothered by anyone all day until near lunch. Zaneta came in and was talking about how there were a few more people to interview for the Teen Council for the upcoming school year. Admittedly, she said that they would take place tomorrow but having a heads up is always nice.

I did manage to finish the research needed for San Antonio B-Cycle at about 11AM. After that, I focused on the questions that I needed to ask them. I worked on that all the way up until lunch. Although, I admit that it was somewhat difficult to come up with good questions to ask.

The thing that made it difficult was that I had lots of good information on them already but I had to ask questions about things that the research couldn’t tell me. That sounds easy but when all you can think about is what you do know instead of what you don’t, that makes it a lot harder.

Still, Scott managed to help me out a little bit. He gave me an example question and then I formed another question off of that one. But what really helped was that I made a list of things that the questions I need to ask would do. Essentially, I had to figure out what purpose they fulfilled.

So I came up with the following ideas:

  • What their history is like
  • What are their previous accomplishments
  • How do they uphold in the community
  • What can we expect in the future that’s new
  • What is their connection to the art world
  • How do they localize to San Antonio
  • Inquire about something left really vague in research

That honestly helped get the ball rolling. Then questions started pouring out of my brain. I just wrote them all down and decided that Scott and I could talk about them later and dwindle them down to the best ones and edit the average ones. Scott did inform me that only 6-7 questions would really be necessary but you know that I like options. So 6-7 wasn’t going to cut it for me.

I came up with a partial list and then took my lunch break. During my lunch break I watched cartoons and ate my lunch. Disconnecting for a moment honestly helps you the brain get going sometimes.

Once I got back from lunch, I finished that list and then sent it to Scott so we could review it. We dwindle it down to some great questions, although, I was slightly nervous at how he would review them. I don’t like getting my work critiqued but I know it’s totally necessary.

Well, the best part was that after finish all of those questions, Scott gave me the clear to go ahead and schedule an interview with them. Just as I was about to schedule an interview with them, he informed me that San Antonio B-Cycle had quit being a part of the alliance!

Like, I just sat in silence for a second thinking about all of the hard work I had done over the past two days. All of that research and question building, simply gone in a single sweep. I was a bit irritated but I also knew that there was nothing that I could really do about it. I had to pick up and move on.

Krystal, who is the Membership & Engagement associate, organizes the Alliance itself and interacts with recurring and potential members. She was the one who informed Scott and then he told me. I just found it so funny that right as I was about to call them, they decide to quit. How…unfortunate.

But, I couldn’t let that get me down. Scott just said for me to move on to the next member and not let it bog me down. So I directed all of my attention at Alamo Music Center. They were the only other member I was working on besides B-Cycle.

Well, luckily, I had already gotten “practice” if you will, with B-Cycle so compiling my research and forming questions was much easier to do this time. I spent the remainder of my day forming those questions for Alamo Music and then I sent them to Scott.

Scott had time to look over them before the day was over and he approved them. With this in mind, I immediately tried to call Adriana, who is our alliance contact for Alamo Music, to schedule an interview. Luckily, one of the staff at Alamo Music was able to get me in touch with her immediately and I set up an interview for tomorrow!

So I’m somewhat excited and nervous about it. I mean, Scott told me that Alamo Music is our oldest alliance member so it would actually be fitting to do them first anyway. He said that Adriana was really nice so I should worry.

Since I did manage to schedule an interview for the next day, Scott introduced me to where the iPads are in the Archives room. He said that I could check them out and use the Recorder app on them to record the interviews and then I could check them back in.

So I checked out iPad “Charcoal” and I hid it in my office until tomorrow. Scott said as long as it was out of plain sight and I could easily access it, that I’d be fine.

Around this time, it was 5PM so I started packing up my office. Then, I collected all of my research and saved it to my work computer. I wrote down a note to myself that I had an interview with Adriana at 11AM so that I wouldn’t forget.

Honestly, I planned to leave Artpace 5 minutes before the interview because Alamo Music Center is literally right across the street. I like being early to these types of things because it just makes me look good and feel prepared.

But that was all I managed to get done before I had to leave. I locked up my office, said by to Scott and was out the door. I walked to the bus stop and waited for the bus. I put in my headphones so that I wouldn’t have to interact with anyone and just pretended to listen to music.

I actually like hearing the sounds of downtown San Antonio because I think that they’re so interesting. All of the cars and buses, the people’s’ conversations, the yelling and the silence; they all intrigue me. But then the bus arrived before I realized it.

I got on the bus and I sat near the back. There’s one particular seat I always try to sit in if I can. I don’t know why I like that seat so much but it just feels comfortable so I like to sit in it. And you know, I was feeling kind of good about my day overall.

I'm usually in deep thought while on the bus.
I’m usually in deep thought while on the bus.

But as always, the bus made it back to where I live quicker than I anticipated. I got off the bus and that ended my 8th day as an intern…

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