50 Days At Artpace: Each Day Gets Easier (Week 2)

Friday, June 17th

Today started off pretty good. Woke up in a decent mood, although I did skip breakfast. I mean, I didn’t really prep to get right into the kitchen to make breakfast so I missed out. However, it was alright because I wasn’t that hungry.

I made it to the bus stop on time and got on the bus at the same time I do every day. At 8:10AM, the bus took off on its route and I was on my way downtown. On the ride over, I was lost in thought. I was just thinking about the interview that I had yesterday. I was still feeling some of its effects.

Well, as I mindlessly started out the window and gazed at the sun, downtown came into view sooner that I wanted. I got off at my stop and strolled down to Artpace. The morning breeze felt nice in my face and it was refreshing. When I got to Artpace, Ray was ready, and had my office door opened already.

I got right to work on my project. I mean, I had to copy over notes from the recorded audio from Adriana’s interview. I’ve transcribed audio in the past and I know that it can take some time. Luckily, I’m not doing that. All I needed to do was pull certain information; the rest was unnecessary.

I worked on that for quite some time. I managed to get the audio taken care of in the first hour and then I had to organize my notes. But then it occurred to me that I had a problem. I didn’t know how I was going to write these posts! This was my first one and unfortunately, we had no previous material to reference for mine.

Before I asked Scott for help though, I did do some research on the Artpace website. I was looking for anything that could help me write this first article. I did find material on our members but they were like 50 word snippets. Nothing like that was going to help me.

Then I talked to Scott about this. He said that I would just need to figure out my own way and get it done. We were going to go over it so that I wouldn’t go to far astray. He did give me so parameters so that I would know where to stop at least. He told me that I needed to make sure that my article was no more than 500 words.

Now, if you guys know me, you know that I’m very good at rambling on for a long time. Well, I had to do the opposite, which was get to the point. So this was a tiny bit of a challenge for me but I wasn’t going to let it stop me.

So then I thought about what the purpose of the project was. I remembered that I was supposed to be promoting our members and the Alliance program. So then I thought about researching how to write promotional material. I found some help after a while on Google and then I sat for a good hour and came up with my own system. While leaning on the ideas of how to write promotional material, I had to also fine-tune it to my project. The generality of the research wasn’t going to completely apply.

After coming up with a system, I started to break down my article into chunks. I would write different parts and give them a skeleton and then piece those parts together later. I also came up with a color system for my notes so that I knew which pieces of information were relevant to which part of the article.

Thank goodness for my aptness. Honestly, that system put me in such a good place! I began to get some of the article done. But before I went too far, I remembered that I should try to be somewhat ahead of schedule.

I finalized my initial research for Fresh Urban Flowers. So then I wrote up the questions for and tried to have them sent to Scott. Of course, Scott was not so easy to come by because he’s always all over the place. He’s not scatter-brained because he wasn’t to be, but because everyone needs his attention all of the time.

Well, when I did snag Scott, it was shortly before lunch. We went over my questions and then we edited some things and kept some things. I eventually got it to a great place and he approved it.

So I called up Fresh Urban Flowers from the information I got on eTapestry. The contact for Fresh Urban Flowers was named Tricia Hamil. I had no idea what to expect but Scott said that she would probably be as sweet as Adriana. He keeps repeating that to me as if every contact is a bundle of joy. (Well, he hasn’t been wrong so far…)

Sidenote: eTapestry is a database that held information for Artpace. Scott decided before I got too far into the project to give me the username and password to the account so I could pull my information. I found Adriana’s information this way too.

I called the number and it came up as the store here in San Antonio. I asked for Tricia Hamil and the guy who picked up said to call the location in Kerrville. So I called that number and asked for Tricia. She picked up after a brief moment and I asked to schedule an interview with her.

To my surprise, she asked me what I was talking about when referring to the Artpace Alliance program. I informed her what the purpose of the program was and what I was doing with regards to it. She pointed out that the connection Artpace has to Fresh Urban Flowers is older than she knows because it was started by another person.

But, she was still willing to help me out anyway. I mean, she was still our contact which means that she acknowledged being in the program at some point. So I tried to schedule her for today later but she couldn’t do it. She did say she would be available on Monday next week at 10AM so I went for that.

I told her that I looked forward to the interview and hung up. After doing that, I thought about sending Adriana a thank you email. I had interviewed her and it went so well that I wanted to leave an even better impression. So I wrote up an email message for her and included a few other things for her to consider as well.

I pressed send. I felt good about what I did. It made me feel so professional to leave her a thank you note, even if it was an electronic one. I find that thank you notes always show that you go the extra mile to show your gratitude. While thanking someone in the moment repeatedly is nice, sending them a personal note later makes it even better.

Well, that was all I managed to get done before lunch. I took my break and then ate lunch. Of course, like yesterday, I watched cartoons because I’m a kid at heart. Lunch was over before I knew it and I got right back to work.

Scott did want me to do something but Zaneta snagged me right after my lunch. She promised to have me get back before the end of the day. Well, she took my up to her office around 2:05 PM and Hyland was there too.

She brought Hyland and I to her office to discuss the new candidates for the Teen Council. I wasn’t expecting to go through this but it happened. We started off with going over the impressions we had about the members after our interviews.

I told Zaneta and Hyland about my impressions and I brought up good things about Angelo and Santiago. Those two boys just stuck out in my mind and I just couldn’t forget how they made me feel. Honestly, they left a bold mark. But then I also talked about my bad impressions too. For those, I brought up the candidates whom I couldn’t remember and Arthur Tricket-Wile.

As I had thought yesterday, I remembered the odd feeling of a loner coming from Arthur. Plus, he did sound a bit snooty if I may add. I mean, he was just super confident but at the same time, he also was beating a dead horse.

Anyway, I had a bit of mixed feelings about the process because we had to sit there and pick only 10 to make the cut for the next year. Only 10 people from all of the applications that we looked at would make it. That means we had to put some people over others.

Well, I stuck to my guns about Santiago and Angelo. I mean, I wasn’t trying to be biased but I felt that those two would really benefit from getting on the council. Hyland made her choices and Zaneta made hers. Eventually, we choose the final 10 and thankfully, my two picks made it.

It was a nice balance that we had in the end. Still, having to finish the end part of the application process was heartbreaking. I mean, the looking over the forms is tiresome so I understood why standing out is important. The phone calls are important too because now I can read your voice and impressions to get a better picture. But in the end, to say “you made it” and “you didn’t” just really hurt.

It was a learning lesson for me, and a long one at that. We ended up finishing our decisions around 4:20 PM. I mean, we were in that room for 2 hours straight, just figuring this all out.

We were pretty much mentally done at this point. Decisions made and all…

I felt content with it all by the time we were done. Zaneta did give me the chance to read Santiago’s letter of recommendation too. I mean, it didn’t matter at this point but it only reaffirmed my reason for sticking to my guns. See, Santiago didn’t have his letter of recommendation in when I called him so I had nothing but the basic application to go off of.

What it said on that letter of recommendation just made me trust that “gut feeling” we all have inside of us. I just “knew” that he would be good and I couldn’t explain it. In his letter, his recommender said he was a “quiet leader” and I thought that that made perfect sense. Santiago did seems like the quiet type but that something more grand was inside of him. Anyway, it just brought a smile to my face.

I left Zaneta and Hyland for the day and went back to my office. What Scott needed me to do, well I didn’t manage to get to that. He knew that I wouldn’t have enough time to finish it before the end of the day. So instead, he did it with his spare time.

Well, around now, it was 5 PM. I did my routine of locking up my office and all, and I was happy to leave everything else for next week. I made it out the door and was on my way to the bus stop. It got there a little earlier than usual but, that also meant I got home sooner.

Well, it was a mere hop, skip, and jump and I was back on my side of town. And so I got off the bus, done with my 10th day as an intern.

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