50 Days At Artpace: Each Day Gets Easier (Week 2)

Week 2 Recap

Well, this week wasn’t as bad as the last week. I mean, I definitely feel a bit more loose and worked into being at Artpace. I think I was just so uptight that I was making the experience more stressful than need be.

So this week felt much more, lively than last week did. I got to start a new project, and that of course has its ups and downs. I’m doing much more fun work with this Alliance project and I’m building up some more skills.

In fact, what did I learn this week? Well, I think I learned:

  • How do extensive research
  • How to condense research notes
  • How to prepare interview questions
  • How to execute an interview
  • How to upkeep with persons of interests
  • How to prepare for an interview
  • That you can give even when you have little yourself
  • That homeless people aren’t to be treated poorly
  • How to create systems of note-taking and article writing
  • How to properly communicate via email
  • How to decide which people “get the prize”
  • How to detach personally from applicants for a position
  • To ask questions if you are at a loss
  • That going with your “gut” is a good thing sometimes

Those are all nice things to have in my repertoire. I’ll be sure to use them, hopefully, later in my life. I’m sure I will. After all, the practically of some of these lessons is pretty great. I wonder what I will learn next week? Hmm, it’s only for me to wait and find out I guess.

Well, with that being, I’m gonna close out this post. Hope you guys enjoyed reading that week’s worth of material. (For those who don’t like these long posts, I apologize. But I’ll be back to shorter posts sometime soon.)

Until next time, cheers!

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