Week 4 Is Officially A Wrap!

Hello Wonderful Listeners!

Today is Friday and it’s officially the end of Week 4 at Artpace for me! On one hand I am saddened because I’m really starting to have a good time here and I just don’t quite want it to be over yet.

But, alas, time moves forward. I amĀ so looking forward to this weekend because I’ll finally have some time to finish up week 1 and work on week 2’s post for the intern diaries. Who knows? Maybe I’ll throw in a couple of extra posts just for the heck of it too!

Just stay tuned this weekend because I’m going to dedicate a lot of my time to getting my content out again. Then it’ll be back to the blue-moon posts. :/

Anyway, hope you’re all doing well. I miss you guys! I’ll see you soon. Cheers!