A Birthday Boost From Jonathon!

What’s up y’all?

So, real quick, this happened not too long ago. One of my photo friends, Jonathon, contacted me. I was about to fall asleep since I have to be to work tomorrow (bright and early), but I picked up his Facetime call anyway.

So, lo and behold, he calls me tipsy off some drinks. It was actually rather funny. But he called me to wish me a happy birthday, which was so nice of him. Though he was slightly drunk, he remembered my birthday.

He told me that he wanted to wish me one, since he remembered me telling him how many people forget my birthday. That actually says a lot about him, but he’s already told me before (drunk at that) that he looks up to me. It really warmed my heart.

But I digress. What we ended up talking about for roughly 20 minutes, was him trying to get me to come out and party with him. Since it is my birthday, he wanted to try to treat me to a good time by going out clubbing. Of course, I couldn’t because I have responsibilities.

Funny enough, he really must’ve been tipsy because he wasn’t even in San Antonio. He was still in my college town (though he was coming down tonight to go party.) But even if I was into clubbing (which doesn’t fancy me), I have to be a responsible adult so I couldn’t go. The thought is what I treasured the most.

I ended up laughing a lot because he was trying to talk to me while his roommates were trying to pull him out of his bed and into the car. But, hey, things happen when you get tipsy. (Not that I would really know.)

But I did manage to snag a snapshot from my phone. It was so funny just because we were both basically drunk—he was tipsy and I was sleep deprived. Lol. XD


OK. Well, I’m going to go to bed now. Take care and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Cheers!

Who do you receive calls from on your birthday? Leave all your thoughts below?

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