With 21 Years Comes…

What’s up Wonderful Listeners!

Today was… a good day to say the least. I know, that’s not very descriptive and sounds somewhat hesitant but, eh, it’s the truth. To get straight to the matter, today is my birthday. I turned 21-years-old and somehow, I don’t feel any different. Now, I’d like to quickly take you through my day and then get to my thoughts about being 21.

I woke up in a very good mood actually and went to my internship. I worked all day and then came home around 6 PM. My mom and little sister picked me up from the bus stop and then they drove me to go to H-E-B. I needed some more bus passes because my first one was getting ready to expire.

I’ll be using you two later…

After getting the passes, we headed over to my grandparents’ house. From there is where the day gets a little more interesting. I actually went to go see my grandparents whom I haven’t seen in a long time.

To be honest, I could have declined but I chose to go see them because I figured they deserved to see me at least once in a while. After all, they are my grandparents. Anyway, when we got to their house, we stayed long enough to make small talk and bring them their food.

Honestly, I was glad I chose to come because I hadn’t seen them in so long and I really didn’t recognize my grandmother. She was so dark-skinned and thin, like she was going through chemotherapy or something. I actually don’t know what her health is like right now but it seems she’s doing well enough.

We sat down and watched some Wheel of Fortune because my grandmother loves that show. We stayed long enough, not for me to really talk, but for them to know that we still care about them. I know that the elderly can get lonely.

Well, I did find time to look in the backyard. Man, time has truly flown by. I remember a time when the chairs were taller than me that sat out on the patio. I remember when the tree wasn’t decaying and there was a garden with fresh vegetables growing underneath it. I remember a time when this place was…lively. Now, it’s like a relic.

Time flies I tell ya. Time flies…
But I digress. We left no too long thereafter and got back home. I was ready to get out of my work clothes and relax but that didn’t happen right away. I ate leftovers from yesterday and then my family wished me a happy birthday.

I was tired at this point so I wasn’t as energetic as them but, hey, that’s life. They did get me an Oreo ice cream cake though (which normally I would be excited about but I was tired.) The cupcake which I made my wish upon was dainty I admit.

Look at my cupcake. It’s so tiny!
Although, I had trouble making up my mind about my wish. I stared at the candle for at least 30 straight seconds before blowing it out. I thought about a lot of wishes but I decided on happiness. And I think I did that because that’s all I really want to keep right now if nothing else: happiness. I mean, happiness is an important thing after all.

But my little sister got me some gifts: lotions and body wash from Bath & Body Works, as well as a birthday card. It was cute but she did joke about how old I was. 😛 Admittedly, I am older but I don’t know… perhaps I am a little too old-acting? Honestly, I was felt like doing nothing for my birthday because I just wanted to rest and relax my mind. Sure, maybe that makes me old but I don’t care. Sanity is also important to me.

I did however, manage to finally, after so long, speak with Monique (my only best friend who is a girl.) We caught up a little bit and boy has she changed. I mean, she’s doing things I never thought she would actually do (like abstract painting.) But, I can’t wait to actually spend a day with her. Who knows? We might see each other more often if she starts working downtown at this one place… *fingers crossed*

But after all of that, all I had was myself for the day. Now, exactly how do I feel about turning 21? Well, it’s just another year added on. I haven’t had time to really enjoy myself nor think about fun stuff because I have responsibilities to attend to. That’s what happens when you’re stuck on being a responsible human being.

Although, it is nice to be able to officially drink, smoke tobacco, go to clubs and things like without having to worry. But none of that matters because those things aren’t really a part of my lifestyle anyway. So, nothing really has changed. I’ve only gotten older. Perhaps in the future sometime soon, I’ll have different thoughts, but for now, I’m just 21 and that is all.

Honestly, today, much like last year, wasn’t exciting. However, I’m not complaining because at least this time, I was happy to be doing nothing. 🙂

So this is what 21 looks like huh?
With that being said, I’m tired and closing this post. Until next time, cheers.

What do you do on your birthday? How did you feel when you turned 21? Leave all your thoughts below.

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